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Creator: Radical Entertainment
Radical Entertainment was a Canadian video game developer based in Vancouver. It was founded in 1991, and created mostly unremarkable Licensed Games and Sports Games in its first decade of existence. Their later Licensed Games for sixth-generation systems achieved greater fame, and in one case a lawsuit from Sega.

After the studio was acquired by Vivendi in 2005, it became the principal developer assigned to the Crash Bandicoot franchise. Vivendi Games merged a few years later with Activision, which in 2009 fired the entire team within Activision assigned to working on Crash Bandicoot because they were planning on taking 2 years to release the next game in the series insead of annual sequels, and Radical went through severe layoffs in 2012 due to disappointing sales of Prototype 2. However, the layoffs later proved to not be as severe as reported, and Radical is still in operation.

Games developed by Radical Entertainment include:

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