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YMMV: Brütal Legend
  • Acceptable Lifestyle Targets: Boy Bands being slaughtered, Emo Teen zombies, and Bondage-slave demons.
  • Anvilicious: The Second Wave of American Tween Melodic Rap Metalcore band Kabbage Boy sounding awful and then getting their heads blown off.
  • Audience-Alienating Premise: A video game about Jack Black using The Power of Rock at liberal levels to do everything. Additionally, the RTS quality of the game apparently felt this way for EA (and formerly Vivendi), which led to them marketing it as an action game. Given that the game has suffered a lot of criticism not just for the stage battles, but for the mechanics of the stage battles, they may not have been entirely wrong.
  • Awesome Music: Inevitable considering the soundtrack consists of 107 tracks of original work, remixes of various metal songs, or actual album compositions. Considering the game starts out with Children of the Grave in a low-volume riff until Riggs picks up the axe...
    • Fighting the giant Metal Queen spider to Brocas Helm's Cry of the Banshee is considered one of the most memorable moments in the game. The song (and band) were impossible to find anywhere, until their popularity exploded from this game. Soon after, the Brocas Helm album "Defender of the Crown" became available for digital download on iTunes.
    • Ozzy Osbourne's Mr. Crowley when Ophelia jumps into the Sea of Black Tears
    • Most, if not all, of the set pieces involve Crowning Musical Moments Of Awesome.
    • Oh, and did we mention the Final Boss theme, "Painkiller" by Judas Priest?
    • The instrumental metal soundtrack by LucasArts / Double Fine mainstay Peter McConnell is very cool, even if you're probably not listening to it.
  • Bait and Switch: Against the wishes of Double Fine, who were very proud of the Stage Battles.
  • Best Level Ever: Brütal Legend fans and haters love the Metal Spider lair dearly.
  • Broken Base: There are loyal fans who love all of Double Fine's work, fans who feel betrayed that it's a multiplayer focused Action/RTS and not a Dynasty Warriors esque brawler, and fans of just the multiplayer. There are also fans who loved the single player so much that the multiplayer focus did not deter them.
    • PC Players complain that Double Fine has abandoned them. Double Fine responded that they make games on the consoles that their publisher allows them to make.
      • It took years, but on February 26th, 2013, Brütal Legend was released on PC through Steam.
  • Colbert Bump: A few of the bands featured in the game received some healthy boosts in popularity after the game's release. Wikipedia reports that sales of the included tracks went up 700%.
    • And Brocas Helm, which was so obscure you couldn't purchase anywhere, now enjoys sales on digital services all around due to popularity of their song "Cry of the Banshee".
    • Skeletonwitch and 3 Inches Of Blood both expressed pride in being in the game.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: The multiplayer has a handful of infamous exploits. During release, players would "Baron Spam," creating over a dozen Fire Barons and wiping out opponents in a short amount of time, driving away frustrated players. Double Fine responded by making several nerfs to Ironheade, which was very effective...until players started cheating the leaderboards by consistently disconnecting if they started losing or simply if they got matched up with someone who beat them in the past. Then there's Car Spam, Soul Kisser Spam, Grave Digger Spam, Infinite Combos, or players just trying to collect achievements.
  • Cult Classic: However, Tim Schafer expressed the fact that he is very sick of his games reaching this status.
  • Dead Horse Genre:
    • Given that this is a game about Metal, there's sure to be plenty of ribbing of unpopular music styles - such as the Hair Metal-themed villain group.
    • Subverted because this is a game set in a world without critics to badmouth any specific genre. Any Metal in this game, that is not said to be awful in game, is an affectionate nod to its genre. Rob Halford even said, "[Lionwhyte] is a cross-section of everything I know and love in Heavy Metal music.".
  • Disappointing Last Level: While the actual quality of the game stays high throughout, after Lionwhyte's palace, the story moves at an almost uncontrollably fast pace. See Cosmic Deadline.
  • Ear Worm: Once you hear the commercial, you will never unhear it.
  • Evil Is Cool: In universe, Eddie sure feels this way in the Temple of Ormagoden.
  • Executive Meddling: A very controversial, very heavy amount.
  • Fan Nickname: Sacrifice 2 or Ozzcraft.
    • "LOL RTS", used by those who disliked the RTS element.
    • "Nuke Solo" are the Facemelter, Shadow Blast, and Curse solos, which are short range explosions.
    • "Buzzsaw" is a near infinite combo "AAAX * roll forward* , repeat." It can be avoided.
    • To make a "Caravan" means to build a group of Headsplitters.
    • The "Wall of Death" is a full Drowning Doom army, with every debuffer available, and lots of Broods.
  • Faux Symbolism: Pentagrams as objective markers.
  • Game Breaker: The Heat Seeker makes Death Rack side-missions almost too easy.
    • Multiplayer has too many to count.
    • The DLC has a few game breakers: The Eye of Sorrow (primary Deuce weapon), the Disgorger (secondary Deuce weapon), and the Blade of Ormagoden (axe treatment). Not only are all these weapons incredibly powerful, but they can be obtained from the Guardian of Metal for 0 Fire Tributes.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Due to some flaw in the shape of the sickle-wraith's hitbox, running over it with the deuce causes the vehicle to flip upwards several meters, sometimes even doing a barrel-roll.
    • The Hero Unit blocking protects from many attacks, and even damage from being on fire, being poisoned, or even drowning. If you held the block button under the Hazardous Water for a long time, you would never drown. This is a widely accepted online strategy because there are plenty of attacks designated as unblockable.
  • Rocking in Hindsight: Depending on when you find and unlock the Legends, some dialogue takes on greater meaning - for example, the Guardian of Metal's little poem contains the elements that Ormagöden exploded into.
    Tim Schafer: Holy crap. Did I just defend a rock stage from a inky-shadowy army using pyrotechnics and light... in Alan Wake? I need to immediately travel back in time and base a whole game on this!
  • Hollywood Hype Machine: EA's multimillion-dollar attempt to hide the gameplay against the wishes of Tim Schafer.
  • Hype Aversion: Electronic Arts and Tim Schafer each advertised very different things on this game. In many videos, Tim Schafer talked almost exclusively on the multiplayer aspect, because it's the part he worked on the most, and was the point of the whole game (the single player world and story were created after the multiplayer was finished.) EA on the other hand advertised the presence of Jack Black, and hyped the game up immensely without actually talking about the gameplay. Players who went exclusively by the hype and the single player demo did not take the Unexpected Gameplay Change well. Double Fine did not enjoy the marketing push at all. EA completely and intentionally hid the gameplay that Tim Schafer wanted players to see the most.
  • Internet Backdraft: The Stage Battles.
  • It's Short, so It Sucks : A common criticism from players who aren't interested in the multiplayer.
  • It Will Never Catch On: Activision and EA's attitude toward the Stage Battles.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Achievement whores aren't very well liked by the online community.
    • Tim Schafer met one who asked him to lose intentionally to boost achievements. He wasn't amused.
    Tim Schafer: "surrender plz? surrender plz??? This is what I go online for? To have some kid tell me "surrender plz" at my own game?"
  • Lowest Common Denominator: EA's ENTIRE. MARKETING. CAMPAIGN.
  • Memetic Molester/Memetic Sex God: Doviculus. Guess it comes with being voiced by Tim Curry.
  • Memetic Mutation: DECAPITATIOOOOOOON!!!
  • Misaimed Marketing: Vivendi disallowed all announcements of Real-Time Strategy elements to the point that no marketing would ever use the phrase RTS ever. When they axed the game, Double Fine moved to EA, who did the same thing.
  • Misblamed: Tim Schafer and Double Fine get all the flack for the Misaimed Marketing, when it was Electronic Arts fault.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: In both single player and multiplayer, the guitar solos are excellent and your units react with hilariously joyful comments.
  • Music to Invade Poland to: The Tainted Coil get Blitzkrieg by Deathstars.
  • One of Us: Tim Schafer plays on online matchmaking sometimes. His tag is TimofLegend on Xbox Live and PSN (good tip if you're having trouble with the "Six Degrees of Schafer" achievement).
    • Skeletonwitch was boasting their track "Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery" was in the game before performing it live.
    • 3 Inches Of Blood also has expressed pride that their music was in the game (note that they're not strangers to having music in a game; one of their songs in this game, "Deadly Sinners", had been featured before in Tony Hawk's Underground 2).
  • Player Punch: There's three of them all caused by the same character.
  • Scapegoat Creator: A number of people blame the game's rushed feeling towards the end on EA, based on their reputation for rushing games.
    • Fans blame EA for poor sales due to marketing Brütal Legend as a massive single player adventure instead of marketing the Stage Battles, regardless of the fact they were considered good in their focus tests. This is the one and only multiplayer commercial from EA. Not very convincing. No matter how much Tim Schafer tried to pour his heart out on the Stage Battles months before release, it was drowned out by EA's hype, and especially the single player demo.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The Summon Flag. Like a Rally Point in Starcraft, a special guitar solo creates a rally point that you can set on the ground for allies, or keep on your back so fresh units will come to you. But losing track of this flag is an easy way to cost you a match, even for the pros.
  • Screwed by the Network: EA refuses to drop the money to make the patches created by Double Fine available to the public, including the desperately requested PS3 patch to stop crashing. Players who complain to EA have received copies of different games for free. Brütal Legend is not included in EA's Games on Demand on Xbox Live, or in any of its sales. They are working hard to pretend their relationship with Double Fine never happened.
  • So Bad, It's Good: It is difficult to deny the whimsical charm of the song "Girlfriend." It mixes corny, god-awful pop lyrics with douchey singers, fake rapping, surprisingly decent guitars, a painfully forced chorus, and even a long monotone breakup poem where you can clearly tell that the person reading the poem is Chewing the Scenery to death and having a lot of fun doing it. Eddie's reaction: "I can fix anything...except THAT."
  • Tained By The Demo: Tim Schafer talked about nothing but the stage battles and the multiplayer. Electronic Arts talked about nothing but the story, Jack Black, and the single player, and nothing about the gameplay. The demo was only the first five minutes of the whole game. Guess whose message got to players. (Hint: Not the guy who made the game.)
  • That One Attack: The Buzzsaw, a pseudo-infinite combo discovered after Double Fine's big balance patch. It can allow one player to endlessly wail on the other, scoring an easy kill and undermining the idea that the combat is about combining Buffs with Double Teams, rather than lone combos. A source of frustration of casual players.
  • That One Level: "Dry Ice, Wet Graves" on Brütal difficulty is by far the hardest mission in the game. Trying to hold off the Drowning Doom long enough for you to build your army means that you can't afford to waste a single moment when it comes to building units and securing fan geysers.

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