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YMMV: Bad Lip Reading
  • Acceptable Targets: Rick Santorum gets hit pretty bad, and Rick Perry gets hit twice thanks to "Strong".
    • Rebecca Black, the one that started it all, counts - but it pales against the response to "Time to Rock".
    • Twilight.
  • Broken Base: Fans of the music videos vs. fans of the political videos.
  • Crack Pairing: Chris Martin and... a yeti that looks like Chewbacca?!
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: The deleted scenes of "MEDIEVAL LAND FUN-TIME WORLD" reveal that the reason Eddie needs the park to raise money is so that he can afford surgery for his daughter.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Any piece of music created by BLR is guaranteed to be this, thanks in no small part to the man behind Bad Lip Reading actually being in the music production industry. As one YouTube commenter put it, "I've noticed that BLR songs have an awkward tendency to be better than the originals."
    • "Rockin All Nite Long" actually sounds like a real pop song... Until Wiz Khalifa comes in.
      • "I'm an alchemist, the beat is my base metal!"
    • "Gang Fight", "Everybody Poops" (subject matter aside), "Time To Rock", and "Dirty Spaceman" are around a million times catchier than their originals.
    • "Russian Unicorn". If being the first to be approved by Word of God doesn't count...
    • "Morning Dew"'s bizarre, goofy lyrics somehow cohere perfectly into insane badassery, as do "Dirty Spaceman"'s.
    • "Kicked Your Monkey." If Bad Lip Reading were to do a live performance, this song would be a showstopper.
    • "Eye of the Sparrow", short though it was. The last fifteen second reprise is epic.
    • That little foreign ditty in Shadow Pico was pretty awesome too.
  • Ear Worm:
    • "Gang Fight, Gang Fight, the gang is down to fight, YEAH!"
    • "I'm the magic man at the magic school..."
    • "Everybody Poops, and if they don't they're an android, and should be destroyed!"
    • "Rockin' all night long, no party people gonna be standing!"
    • "Tonight I'm leaving, though I'm bleeding, now you know me as Dirty Spaceman, yeah..."
    • "Oh-HOOOOOOOOH, the night is young, now, baby we could shoot a Russian unicorn..."
    • "Keep wanting your morning dew..."
      • "Mirror, mirror, on my floor. Am I the prettiest at the store?"
    • "Guess I'll shave a beard with glue..."
      • "Hope you fall... on your burger and fries... the bullfrog hates you..."
    • "Yeah, yeah, yeah, we smokin' the right stuff..."
      • "Now why in the world did you treat me as if I didn't understand trigonometry and tai-chi? Inverse Cosine!(SEE!?) Oh my gosh, there's never gonna be better Padawan than me..."
    • "But the genie never goooot me oooooff..."
      • "...Lines, Lines intersecting....Ooh-oh-oh, lines, lines, lines, intersecting now with paint..."
    • "Are you deaf? Boy, I'ma beat you! Ho, we should kick you! It's time to rock! It's time to rock, rock, rock..."
    • "Yee-eee-e-eti..."
    • "Let's creep in the frozen aisle and think one thought, trick the bridesmaid to get her to take it off..."
    • "Queeeeeenncch your heartbeat..."
      • "I don't wanna move my food/I don't wanna move the cat/I'll make a sandwich, I'll hump a moose/Hop on the pickle for your parents!"
    • "Eye of the Sparrow! This girl slipped on my arrow!"
    • "Just tap-a-tap it in, it's a zinger! And tell me how to poke it on Tuesday..."
    • "La-bibbi-da bibbi-dum! La-bibbi-da bibbi-do!"
      • "Cluck... went the chicken!"
    • Jacob's "hot potato" song in "Twilight III".
  • Evil Is Sexy: "Kind sir, I'm the evil stud-muffin."
  • Fetish Retardant: Fergie's dance in Sensual Spandex while talking about her bowel habits can be this. The toilets that appear do not help.
  • Growing the Beard: The later videos cut down on the Word Salad Lyrics a lot and focus on lip readings that are, coincidentally and hilariously, coherent dialog.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: one line from "Party in the USA" (which was turned into "Black Umbrella") mentions that "the Jay-Z song was on".. think she meant "Empire State of Mind"?note 
    • Russian Unicorn becomes even funnier when you find out that the girl in the video is his wife.
    • After Rick Perry becomes the first "target" for BLR soundbytes, Rick Perry gets famously tongue-tied for real.
    • Mitt Romney's line "In America, we have a song." He later recited "America the Beautiful" during a speech.
    • Apparently Chris Martin didn't take losing Gwyneth Paltrow to Tony Stark all that well...
    • "Rockin' All Night Long" actually predicted Taylor Swift's more pop direction.
    • "Hot Jumping Beans" has a section where Justin Bieber offers an unseen girl some of the title beans while saying "I think you want 'em," while Gary LeVox follows up with "She might not want 'em." Come to find out, as of January 2013, she doesn't.
    • A couple of years after "Black Umbrella", Miley Cyrus and Snoop Dogg actually did collaborate on a song - "Ashtrays & Heartbreaks", which Snoop released under his current moniker of Snoop Lion. Miley tweeting "Black Umbrella" to Snoop had to have had something to do with it.
    • Herman Cain: "I'm gonna teach you an expression: I quit." Not long after the video was released, Cain dropped out of the presidential race.
  • Memetic Mutation: Have I brought this chicken for us to eat?
    • No, but you've brought this chicken for us to thaw.
    • From The Right Stuff: "Meshuggeneh Vinny had a hoopty".
      • Also from The Right Stuff: "And I'm pregnant".
    • It's becoming more and more common to see quotes from the BLR versions of the videos posted on the original videos.
    • From "Time To Rock": "Fuck this, I can't hear you in the market."
  • Nausea Fuel: "Diarrhea is OK. I once let it shoot out for half a block."
  • Nightmare Fuel: Considering how ridiculous "Gang Fight"'s lyrics were immediately before, "Gonna' pay by blood, I'm gonna' see it get nasty", paired with the minor key and Rebecca's Slasher Smile Aside Glance, is a very chilling line.
  • Painful Rhyme: A rare one from "Black Umbrella":
    "That bazooka in the front and then a homie tattoo / On the shoulder of a Puerto Rican dude he used to knew..."
    • A second one from "Black Umbrella": 'floor' is constantly pronounced 'flo-wah' to rhyme with 'umbrella'.
  • Signature Song: "Gang Fight." "Russian Unicorn" is also a contender.
  • Squick: The "Everybody Poops" video has a character say "Open wide." It is about Exactly What It Says on the Tin. It also mentions pooping on the floor.
    • Also "greenish potatoes with them soggy fish sticks" could be referring to what Fergie puts on the floor.
    • "Dirty Spaceman" has the lines "Can you leave your wrinkled willie glue inside my ocean, please?" and "every grandma oughta freak when they see me and my brown one-eye". The Nicki Minaj reaction shot after the "wrinkled willie glue" line is priceless.
    • The Yeti is described as "wet and furry and funky". And that's before we learn just why it's like that...
    • Just the mere thought of Rick Santorum shooting out diarrhea half a block long is just... OH GOD!!!
  • Tear Jerker: Despite the ridiculousness of it, the scene where Peter Parker admits he ate Gwen's pet Pig and Duck can be quite sad
  • True Art Is Incomprehensible: The Governor from The Walking Dead lip-read once saw a movie that was all about gardens. Seeing as how the movie had the pretentious-sounding title "Bloody Shrimp", we can only assume it was an art film like "Marble Hornets" or "The Brown Bunny".
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The Photoshop work on these videos has led people to check out the originals just to see how much of that stuff is legit. No, the forest and Chewbacca were NOT in Coldplay's "In My Place".

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