Fridge / Bad Lip Reading

Fridge Brilliance

  • "Shaving (a beard) with glue"... it's an actual thing, commonly called waxing.
    • From the same song, "The zebra thinks he's half not-black." As one YouTube commenter put it, "I must say, that zebra's right."
    • Shaving a beard with glue could also mean to do something stupid or to be stubborn about something that won't work. Since shaving a beard with glue would only make it stick to the face harder.
  • "Yeti" has added footage of a Chris Martin double chasing after the yeti itself, which is filmed in soft-focus. Since it's supposed to be a "romantic" song, this just seems like a parody of the Gaussian Girl trope. However, the other joke to these scenes is that supposed photographic or video evidence of Bigfoot generally is pretty blurry. A third reason might be to help make it less obvious that the added footage is of course using Fake Shemp for Chris Martin.
    • A Chewbacca costume is used for the yeti, but Chewbacca has brown fur while yetis are supposed to have white fur. You might think BLR and/or the in-universe Chris Martin make a mistake in calling him a yeti, but keep in mind that he's also called an "exotic covered-in-poo man". Maybe he does have white fur.
  • Why is Rick Perry "bored of famine" and his supporters applauding his speech on the subject? President Obama announced in "Trick the Bridesmaid" that America has been out of certain foods for a while and that he stole food rations such as Beefaroni and ice cream (which Perry states is cheap) because of it. The people are quite displeased.
    • "Some do the Olympics, and some defy the Titans"-both those who compete in the Olympics and those who overthrew the Titans are referred to as "Olympians".
  • Notice how many times Mitt Romney makes disparaging remarks about Your Mama? Well, of course, in real life that's because there's so many clips of Romney saying the name "Obama". One of said clips could easily have left the "Obama" part alone so that Romney ends up saying "Obama can eat me."
  • Morgan tells Rick Grimes that he has "-skin like an English kid". Both Lennie James (Morgan) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick) actually are English.
  • "Those greenish potatoes with them soggy fish stiiiiicks" are probably what caused to have a "big mean dookie on deck".
  • Since the next Star Wars movie is being made due to the assistance of Disney, Darth Vader's assistant is in fact a mouse.
  • "Loan me a dragon, I wanna see space"... a Dragon, you say?
  • In "Dirty Spaceman", Nicki Minaj says "I hate Gumby more than you", which can be read a couple of ways: Either 1) You and Nicki both hate Gumby, but she hates him more than you do, or 2) Nicki hates you, but she hates Gumby more. In certain circumstances, the latter actually could be an effective insult: You might consider her your worst enemy, but she cares so little about you that she can muster up more hatred for a fictional character.
  • Peeta's interjection of "Is spontaneous combustion, like, a real thing?" in the full version of "Choo Choo Go" might seem like a sentence that's only there to be random and funny... until you realize he might actually have legitimate reason to be worried, as he's singing this while standing next to Katniss, the girl on fire.
  • Paul Ryan mentions [1] slipping into the future after he walked into a Starbucks building where everyone was collapsing. That would explain some of his reckless stunts. If he is capable of time travel then he is at no risk and can avoid dangerous situations like apparent outbreaks and giving coded messages to help people.

Fridge Horror:

  • How did Darth Vader use the Force to fix cats? Force choke?
    • Or "fix" as in spay. Which, while admittedly better for the cats, opens up a whole new can of Fridge Horror for everyone else. Force Neuter, anyone?
  • Two of Mitt Romney's quotes together form a horrific admission and an endorsement and statement of complicity to torture. "I will force spiders and badgers upon the enemy - and get them all to shut up!" combined with "Centurians from East Asia near Mumbai, got my cooler and they took my spider jars into prison. I said: 'I'm gonna let you do this'".