Fridge: Bad Lip Reading

Fridge Brilliance

  • "Shaving (a beard) with glue"... it's an actual thing, commonly called waxing.
    • From the same song, "The zebra thinks he's half not-black." As one YouTube commenter put it, "I must say, that zebra's right."
  • "Yeti" has added footage of a Chris Martin double chasing after the yeti itself, which is filmed in soft-focus. Since it's supposed to be a "romantic" song, this just seems like a parody of the Gaussian Girl trope. However, the other joke to these scenes is that supposed photographic or video evidence of Bigfoot generally is pretty blurry. A third reason might be to help make it less obvious that the added footage is of course using Fake Shemp for Chris Martin.
  • Why is Rick Perry "bored of famine" and his supporters applauding his speech on the subject? President Obama announced in "Trick the Bridesmaid" that America has been out of certain foods for a while and that he stole food rations such as Beefaroni and ice cream (which Perry states is cheap) because of it. The people are quite displeased.
  • Notice how many times Mitt Romney makes disparaging remarks about Your Mama? Well, of course, in real life that's because there's so many clips of Romney saying the name "Obama". One of said clips could easily have left the "Obama" part alone so that Romney ends up saying "Obama can eat me."
  • Morgan tells Rick Grimes that he has, "skin like an English kid". Both Lennie James (Morgan) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick) actually are English.
  • "Those greenish potatoes with them soggy fish stiiiiicks" are probably what caused apl.de.ap to have a "big mean dookie on deck".
  • Since the next Star Wars movie is being made due to the assistance the assistance of Disney, Darth Vader's assistant is in fact as a mouse.
  • "Loan me a dragon, I wanna see space"... a Dragon, you say?

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