Trivia: Bad Lip Reading

  • Actor Allusion: Edward Cullen introduces musical numbers in the third Twilight Bad Lip Reading. It's a little-known fact that Robert Pattinson has dabbled in songwriting and playing the piano.
  • Approval of God:
  • Defictionalization: "More Hunger Games" ends with Haymitch telling Katniss and Peeta they have to start a band. Naturally, the other Catching Fire video is treated as their band's live performance at District 11.
  • Inspiration For The Work: The anonymous creator of Bad Lip Reading got the inspiration for it from his deaf mother, who had learned how to read lips. He started trying it by watching TV with the sound off, but what he thought was being said was so hilariously inaccurate that...
  • Talking to Himself: Every single voice is performed by the same man. He's talented enough (and good enough at editing audio) that it's usually hard to tell, though it does sometimes become pretty clear.