YMMV: Art of Fighting

  • Game Breaker: Wyler. Then again, he is the boss of 3...
  • Magnificent Bastard: Geese Howard,
  • Memetic Mutation: "I can't help using Haoh Sho Ko Ken," spawned from the intermission scene of Ryo in the first game riding his motorcycle while still wearing his dogi and geta sandals.
  • Memetic Sex Goddess: Yuri is an in-universe example, in Saigado Comics' "Yuri & Friends" doujinshi series. Most stories have her being kidnapped by Mai and King, who can't keep their hands (and other body parts) off her. And they aren't the only ones, as one story even had Street Fighter's Ryu get in on it along with her own brother, Ryo.
  • Narm: The live-action Japanese commercial for Art of Fighting 2, complete with 80's theme song. Try watching it with a straight face, we dare you.
    • The US version of Art of Fighting 2 redubs some of Robert's, King's and John's lines with English-speaking actors, and Mr. Big and Geese are voiced in English in either version. The problem is, nobody can act or kiai worth a damn. "Ha-HA! Piece of... cake!"
  • Video Game Movies Suck: The TV special.
  • Woolseyism: The English translation of the second game was almost a Gag Translation, changing the serious tone of most endings into jokes, which are arguably much more enjoyable than the originals.
    • Curiously, the Spanish-translated version of the game retains the original serious tone of the original Japanese dialogue.