Western Animation / Chris Colorado

Chris Colorado is a french animated series that aired on Toonami in the UK 2001 and later in other countries. It is set in an After the End world where the survivors of an meteorite impact gathered and assembled The World Federation, a peaceful society. A few decades later a dictator called Thanatos, with an army of Thanor cyborgs/cultists, took over Europe. The Centurions of Freedom, a group led by Commander Richard Julian, rallied against him and overthrew his rule, exiling his Triple-six Group to the Forbidden Zone, the area around the meteor impact crater. Subsequently, Julian was elected Commander (i.e President) of the World Federation.

The main character, Chris Colorado, a former soldier, is recruited by The Commander as a personal secret agent against Thanatos, after the dictator made an attempt on his life. Chris' father was a famous member of The Centurions of Freedom that went missing and is presumed to be a traitor. That motivated Chris to search for the truth about his (mostly missing) family.

This series provides examples of:

  • Season Fluidity: It's rather abrupt, if you skip more than two or three episodes, you'll have a hard time understanding what is going on.
  • Sibling Triangle: Both Wencenslas and William Erwin were after Lauren.
  • Unobtainium: Magnetite, but not really. Since the meteor fell, nuclear power does not work anymore, and magnet reactors of some kind are used to generate power. The world capital is at Chichen Itza, where a new magnetic pole of the Earth was located.