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Webcomic: Questionable Content

Questionable Content ("QC") is a webcomic starring protagonist Marten Reed, an indie-rock fan living in Northampton, Massachusetts, with an adorably sociopathic little robot. He runs into a girl at a bar, Faye Whitaker, a barista who's just moved from Savannah and needs a friend, but adamantly no more than a friend. She then accidentally burns down her apartment building while making toast and needs a place to live — namely, Marten's couch. Before long, he meets Faye's sultry, gothy boss Dora Bianchi, and they have fun, hang out, and joke around.

Then, beginning at strip 500, everything changes. The fallout of a tense moment leads to a cascade of plot developments that defines the rest of the strip and helps start a gradual shift from having Marten and Faye as the main protagonists to having a full-fledged Ensemble Cast. And then just when you thought everything was safe, there's another major shakeup at strip 1800, after which the comic's science fiction elements, which had always been present, really begin to move to the foreground.

One of the most prolific and longest running webcomics out there, with over 2000 installments over 10 years and counting, QC has evolved into a humorous ongoing chronicle of the lives of a group of twenty-somethings, as they deal with life, fall in and out of love, and maintain a healthy level of sarcasm. It would almost be a Slice of Life comic if the cast didn't include a handful of cute lil' robot sidekicks.

QC updates every weekday, with remarkable consistency considering that Jacques very rarely has a buffer and usually draws the comic — on live webcast — that night. Also has a character sheet.

Four print collections are currently out, featuring re-lettered and sometimes re-drawn versions of the first arcs.

Loosely connected to Diesel Sweeties by way of Faye's sister Amanda's brief fling with Li'l Sis and a couple of maybe-canonnote  guest strips by Randy Milholland. Shelly Winters and Amy Chilton have been spotted on holiday in Northampton as well. Also, the AIs may have something to do with it, somewhere. Some occasional appearances of the cast in Shortpacked! also occur.

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