Video Game / Xolga And Mr Toko

Xolga: Letís get out of here.
Mr.Toko: Um, to where though?
Xolga: I donít know. Take us to any world, any place, any time period. I bet that there are still a lot of worlds out there that we havenít seen . . . And weíre still on an adventure, right?
Mr.Toko: . . . Yeah!

A series of games by Pacthesis.

Xolga was spending a normal day in work when suddenly, the Agency gives him an assistant, a kid named Mr. Toko. Later they were sent to retrieve a pendant, which is actually an Artifact of Doom that turns Xolga into a stuffed bear and Mr.Toko as a flying egg. Desperate to turn back into humans, they go into an adventure and cross dimensions in chase of the pendant.

Now has the sequel.

Character sheet is here.

This game provides the following: