Tear Jerker / Xolga And Mr Toko


Despite the crazy and humorous nature of the comic, there are quite a few tear jerker moments.

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    Xolga and Mr.Toko 

  • The result of the trial in episode 4. Xolga and Mr Toko came across a world where they found a village accusing a vampire, Ferris, of murdering a villager named Grace Travers, but in actuality, it was her husband who killed her. However, Ferris was blamed for the crime despite having no evidence against him. Upset, Mr. Toko spoke up for Ferris, saying that they had no right to accuse him without any evidence, followed by Xolga accepting to defend Ferris in a trial to prove his innocence. After finding clues against the husbend, Xolga proves that Travers, not Ferris, killed Ms.Travers, which impressed the Ester, the mayor. The Result? Ferris was still found guity despite everything. The reason? Because the villagers wanted him to be guilty.
  • In episode 6, the death of Austin Lockwood. Sure that the chapter was full to the brim of Retirony, but it was still sad and unexpected. Worse of that is that Mr. Toko, suffering of Amnesiac Dissonance, is affected for his death, but no to the extent that he should be, and he's conscious of that.
    Mr. Toko: Maybe is not such a bad thing I have lost my memories. If I had knew Austin as a friend, seeing him die again would be too sad.
    • The begining of the episode: A Xolga that couldn't be older than nine accepts to ride a coin attraction he thinks is too old for, essentially because the offering of coins for ride it was the first amount of positive attention his alcoholic mother gave him in a long time. Made worse when, at the end of the episode, we learn that the memory was brought up because Xolga had fallen in a literal Lotus-Eater Machine that bring memories back, and the one Xolga fell on was one the specifically brings out positive, happy memories. Now read the first sentence of this paragraph again. That's Xolga's happiest memory.

    Xolga and Mr.Toko Again 

  • Everything in the 7th episode. Poor Mr. Toko /Tom
    • First, back then, Tom had an incurable disease which made everybody else give up on him. Sam was the only one who still stayed and they were happy together, but then Tom lied that he didn't like him anymore, and yet Sam knew he was lying because he heard Tom crying. So he wished for time to stop, which did stop for 9 years before Tom finally got cured by Issac. But Sam died, and his soul lingered in the hospital ever since.
      • Secondly, The Reveal that Sam is actually a doll. So, Mr. Toko/Tom's only friend in the hospital, was just a doll. Yes, he does have a soul and a heart like a human, but still... And yet, Tom still thought of him as a human, as his memories only showed a human instead of a doll, and despite being a doll, Sam did everything he could to keep Tom alive... *sniffs*
      • Made even worse when, while Sam is lying in the wreckage, Mr. Toko wraps him in his arms. And Sam's arm falls off, somewhat signalling that he dies for real, because he is happy to see Tom one last time. That one little movement is heartbreaking to see.
  • The finale. The soundtrack combined with the images nail it perfectly.
    "For every time you go back to make things right for me, I'll go back to make things right for both of us."