Video Game: The Red Star


The Red Star is a video game released in 2007 for PlayStation2, originally slated for XBox. It's loosely based on a Graphic Novel by Christian Gossett and takes place in an alternative future Soviet Union where there's magic.

There's three playable characters:

Makita, a Nokgorkan rebel who emphasizes speed and fast melee combos.

Kyuzo, bodyguard who is slow but does a lot of damage.

Maya, warkaster (fancy name for war sorcerer) who gets more powerful when the protocol meter is filled. Unlocked after the game has been beaten once.

The game at first appears to be a 3D Contra-ish game (that doesn't actually suck), but then you reach the first mini-boss. The camera changes to an overhead view, and you suddenly get bullet patterns fired at you. This happens for about nine out of ten bosses in the game, with up to five bosses per stage for 19 stages.

A PSP port was released in March 2010 through Playstation Network. While largely a faithful port, it lacks the multiplayer. An iPhone version has also been announced.

This game provides examples of: