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Video Game: The Journey Down

What do you get when you cross Grim Fandango with the Western Pacific Ocean?

An exceptionally silly Adventure Game where every character's head is shaped like an African mask.

In a shady corner of Kingsport Bay, at the outskirts of St Armando, Bwana and his trusted sidekick Kito struggle to make ends meet at their run-down gas station. Little do they know that they are about to be thrown into a spine-tingling adventure that will take them far from home and right into a twisting plot of corruption and danger.

The plot catalyst is a young woman named Lina, assistant to a university professor who was investigating the Underland, a realm underneath the edge of the world. Her search has led her to look for a journal written by Kuandodo, Bwana and Kito's foster father, and thereby to the Gas and Charter. Offering enough money for Bwana and Kito to pay off their debts to the electric company, she entices the duo to fly her down to the Underland.

But there's a problem. Kuandodo's old seaplane is missing its engines. And a propeller. And a steering wheel. Cue Bwana going on a kleptomaniacal spree.

So far, only chapter 1 has been released.

Trope Examples:

  • The Fool: Bwana. Even among Adventure Game protagonists, he stands out for being happy-go-lucky to the point of being Too Dumb to Live. And yet, somehow, he never really gets hurt, and every crazy stunt he pulls somehow succeeds.
  • Big Bad: The CEO of the electric company.
  • Disappeared Dad: Kuandodo vanished ten years before the start of the game, for reasons unknown.
  • Flat World: Part of the premise. St. Armando isn't very far from the infamous and feared "Edge."
  • Welcome to the Caribbean, Mon!: Interspersed with the rest of the Black African cultural references in this game. Bwana and Kito in particular have outstanding accents.
  • Shout-Out: The random ingredients in the yacht's kitchen refrigerator include shout-outs to Nelly Cootalot and Gemini Rue.
  • The Three Trials: True to form, most of chapter 1 involves finding 3 missing components for the seaplane.
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