Funny: The Journey Down

  • When we first see Bwana and Kito, they are trying to restore power back to Kaonandodo's Gas and Charter. They flip the big power switch, and end up losing all the power in St. Armando, resulting in a Big Blackout. Bwana kicks the power box and restores power everywhere (including Kaonandodo's Gas and Charter).
  • The part where Bwana tries to get the ship's crane to align correctly so he can use the crane to get to the nearby yacht. But then, he starts having a hard time with the three switches that move the crane and ends up saying this:
    "Oops. Too far."
    "I think there's some form of system to this."
    • (3 switch flips later)
    "These buttons make no sense!"
    • (1 switch flip later)
    "Argh! I hate puzzles."
    • (2 switch flips later)
When you click any of the switches after that:
"Screw this, man!"
And he kicks the switches so that the crane is in the right position.
  • Bwana attempts to spoof the camera monitored by a security guard by recording the camera footage and setting it to play back in a loop. He screws up and plays the original recording on the tape... which is porn. The guard's excited expression is priceless, and he couldn't care less about security.