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Video Game: Super Charisma Bros
Have Enjoyment!note 

"It's like a minigame compilation... for fuckfaces!"
— Vitiman, describing his games pretty accurately.

A series of surreal joke fangames created by Vitiman, originating on the Mario Fangames Galaxy message boards and are loosely based upon his rather oddball conversations he has with his friends, all of whom are represented in the games one way or another. The games chronicle Dudim, an incredibly demented Super Mario World dolphin who believes in love, happiness, and most of all, charisma. Joining him are the so-called "Charisma Gang" note , a group of equally strange and colourful characters who also believe in the mighty ways of the charisma:

  • Camtendo, who doesn't possess any immediately bizarre characteristics, but does fly off into the sky in the very first level of the very first game, justifying it with "his people need him".
  • Genogenesis7, who is usually used as a background object and doesn't make a formal playable appearance until Charisma 5. The fact that he seems to enjoy being a rotating push-around may mark him as the goofiest one.
  • sspp03, or just S, notable for being ridiculously creepy and sometimes overly violent throughout the series. He has expressed interest in schoolyard fights, has shot many small babies in a row, and will always take things more seriously than he should. In spite of this, rumor has it that he loves dogs, though.
  • Miles, the group's (literal) hero, is always seen wearing his iconic "batbro" outfit. From Charisma 3 onward, he is usually the one to fight the final boss, although he unfortunately pays the price of this when he dies one game afterwards.
  • Doc, makes a quick appearance in the ending of Charisma 3 and another in the intro of 5 during a flashback to the former, although he's implied to be the one always driving the DeLorean that the characters occasionally use. Yes, a character named Doc drives a time travelling DeLorean. It was intentional.
  • Finally, Dudim himself is... well, the best way to put it is "completely insane", but he also has many other traits and quirks that could classify him as both The Hero and a Deadpan Snarker as well.

By the tail end of September 2013, Vitiman had grown fed up with the MFGG community. He had previously bottled up his frustrations regarding them for the most part, but couldn't any longer and lashed out on a member for a spam post (the member in question was a repeat offender and had made several spam posts in the past with little to no repercussion). As a result, his Wiki Sysop position was revoked, leaving him with no reasons to continue being a part of the community. Noticing his actual powers as Sysop remained, he committed account suicide by power abuse soon afterwards to make his leave permanent (in hindsight, Vitiman regretted simply asking to be permanently banned but at the time he was merely afraid his request would be denied). Even prior to this, Vitiman and the rest of the Charisma gang had grown apart a final time over a credit dispute (that is, concerning who made what ideas and Vitiman's insistence that it didn't matter). When all is said and done, the obscure (yet amusingly quirky) Charisma joke games had a good run and managed to end with six games in the can; to be fair, they're joke games that don't require as much effort to make as regular fangames, but it's still mighty impressive considering the level of polish the last 3 games had.

All 6 installments that exist of the series (including the enhanced remake of the first) can be found here (NOTE: unfortunately, download links don't work anymore, although the first five games are on the MFGG mainsite):

This (technical) fanwork provides examples of:

  • Acid Trip Dimension: The games appear to take place in one of these.
  • All There in the Manual: or rather, all there in the wiki article - it explains a lot of things, for instance - the events of Charisma 4 were actually a nightmare that Dudim had traveling through a time vortex, and that Dudim was sent back in time after the battle with Brynn due to "excess levels of Bazingonium"
  • Arc Villain: The games are split into 3 different trilogies (with the second trilogy nearing completion and the third having yet to be started), with Heavy Fire being the dominant villain during 1-3, and a mysterious "Tim Rogers" being the dominant villain of 4-6.
  • Arc Words: "Have enjoyment" is the main one, although Charisma 5 sets out to make Dudim say ">demand<, or I will be the one sad" as either this or a Catchphrase.
  • Art Evolution: The production quality of each game gets noticeably better and better.
  • Art Shift: Charisma 4 took a drastic turn in its art style - rather than the cut-and-paste sprite style of the other games, all of Charisma 4's sprites were made specifically for the game. Sadly, this art style didn't last long due to... a few disagreements.
  • As Himself: All of the main cast are occasionally voiced by themselves in real life (see Author Avatar below), willingly or not...
  • Author Avatar: A majority of the main characters in the Charisma games are caricatures of people who actually worked on them - Dudim is the series' creator and developer (or rather, his pet, supposedly), Cam is pretty much the second-in-command, having come up with a lot of ideas for the series and outlined a lot of the stories as well as having made most of the sprites for Charisma 4, Doc made his own sprite for the game, Genogenesis7 contributed a ton of ideas and has done various other things including a bit of spritework, and Miles contributed a lot of ideas as well.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: Both Dudim and Genogenesis7 have the ability to shoot lasers from their eyes.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: The series loves this trope.
    • Dudim randomly gains the ability to fly so he can get 75,000 coins... sort of.
    • Dudim can shoot lasers from his eyes for no reason in Charisma 4 (and subsequent games), as does Genogenesis7 in Charisma 5.
    • In Charisma 5, Cam can suddenly shoot spiked meatballs note  in the battle with Jay.
  • Original Character: The only reason the charisma series really has any relation to the mario games is because it stars a bunch of users from a Mario fan forum who use tweaked Mario characters as their avatars.
  • Shout-Out: They make up a significant portion of the games in general, let alone their humor.
  • Stylistic Suck: Was very prominent in the earlier games, but the quality gradually ramped up.
  • Team Pet: A rather unique case with Dudim, considering he's the main character.
  • The Cameo: Mario himself gets a really short cameo in charisma 3 in a minigame where you have to thwart his attempted suicide to teach typing.
  • Time Travel: A major plot point in the third, fourth and fifth games.
  • Video Game Remake: A remake of Charisma 1 was created using Charisma 4's engine, which lead to much more polished gameplay, remade levels, and higher quality music.
  • Where The Hell Is Springfield?: Just where in god's name does any of this take place...?
  • Widget Series: A series about a flying, time-traveling dolphin shooting lasers at sentient jars of mayonnaise? Seems normal enough.
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