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Video Game: Power Pete

A game developed by Pangea Software, published in 1995 by MacPlay, and bundled with Apple Macintosh Performa computers.

The game takes place in a toy store. The Fuzzy Bunnies have escaped, and only Power Pete, the store's best-selling action figure, can rescue them from danger. All of the game action is viewed from above.

Pete's default weapon is a gun that shoots suction cup darts, but he can get more powerful weapons in the game, as well as powerups such as super speed and temporary invulnerability. He can also collect the jawbreakers that appear when enemy toys are destroyed.

The game consists of 15 levels in five departments: Prehistoric Plaza, Candy Cane Lane, Fairy Tale Trail, Magic Funhouse and Bargain Bin. Since Pangea Software reacquired the rights to the game in 2001, Power Pete has been ported to Mac OS 9 and the Classic mode of Mac OS X as the shareware Mighty Mike. If you have an emulator such as SheepShaver, you can play Mighty Mike on an Intel-based Mac.

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