Video Game: Nelly Cootalot

Our Fearsome Heroine!

Nelly Cootalot is a Freeware point-and-click adventure game (soon to be a series of games) in the vein of Monkey Island. It was created by one Alasdair Beckett from the Adventure Game Studio in 2007 for his girlfriend who also goes by the name of Nelly Cootalot.

In the first (and so far only) game, Spoonbeaks Ahoy!, our heroine is in the midst of a rough sea bat—er, woken up from her sleep by the ghost of the great pirate Bloodbeard, feared by many a pirate but loved by all cute critters, who gives her the task of investigating the disappearance of spoonbeaks from the Barony of Meeth. When she gets her bearings and goes searching around the island, however, things stop being what they seem. Can our Pirate Girl clear up the mystery and save the birds?

A sequel, The Fowl Fleet!, is currently in the works, and will involve 3D characters on 2D backgrounds, and voice acting.

Available for download here.

Tropes ahoy!