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Video Game: GRID
Codemasters' Race Driver: GRiD is the Spiritual Successor to their TOCA Race Driver series. It is most notable for one feature - the ability to rewind time. Although this mechanic had been used in games before, this is the first time it has appeared in a pure racing game, and the ability to do a short section of the track over instead of starting the race again after 5 minutes of driving made it hugely popular with critics and the public. The mechanic was later ported to Codemasters' other main series, DiRT.

The other notable addition to the familiar driving game formula is that the announcers (one your manager, the other the head of your pit crew) will speak to you on a First Name Basis, as long as your name is common enough to be on the list.

Not only this, but you can also hire a team-mate after you reach a certain point in the career mode. Each team-mate has different strengths and weaknesses, and they all charge different fees accordingly.

GRID 2 was released at the end of May 2013. The reviews were positive, but suffered a huge backlash from the fandom because Codemasters didn't change the game in the way they wanted and the DLC pricing was highly questionable.

"T Ro Pes":

  • Anti-Frustration Features: Flashbacks.
  • A Taste of Power: The VERY first race of the game puts you in a Dodge Viper SRT-10 provided by Ravenwest (as featured on the cover), who have kindly lent you this car for your licensing race at San Francisco. This also applies to some of the driver invites, which put you in cars from race classes that you otherwise may not be able to enter with your current reputation level (eg. Being invited to drive a Porsche 911 GT3 RSR in a GT2-class event while the actual GT2-class events are still locked).
  • Boring, but Practical:
    • The Saleen S 7 R doesn't have as much acceleration compared to other GT 1 race cars, but it contains the most grip and it's cheaper too.
    • Similar to the Saleen, your starter muscle car, 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302, has decent acceleration and grip but doesn't have the top speed compared to the Plymouth Cuda.
  • Engrish: The announcer in Japan drift events, despite speaking mostly in Japanese, is prone to it. DORIFTU BLASTER! However, this is normal, and sort of expected from announcers for D1GP events (the guy voicing the announcer is, in fact, a D1GP announcer).
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Collisions affect the computer cars and the player cars differently. Also, the computer cars get more grip in some places.
  • Instant Web Hit: In GRID 2, a video of your performance in your first race gets uploaded on Youtube and gets tons of views and likes, to the point that Patrick Callahan, a rich American entrepreneur, gets interested on you.
    • Gameplay and Story Segregation: How well you do on the race doesn't matter in the slightest. Regardless of how badly you fuck up, apparently you're still considered good enough for Patrick Callahan to want to fund you.
  • Opposing Sports Team: Subverted with Ravenwest, the player's biggest rival team. While they do possess many attributes common in a generic "evil" team (insane skill, dreaded reputation, all-black paint scheme, etc.), they don't cheat, drive especially aggressively, show any sort of hostility toward the player's team at any point during the story, or do much of anything to suggest they're anything other than a normal racing team. They're just really, really good at what they do.
    • You, on the otherhand can drive as aggressive as you can (even against your team-mate nonetheless) and suffer no penalties as a result (unless you're in Pro Touge).
  • Real Is Brown: The first game has a yellow/brown filter laid over everything. GRID 2 has more varied colors.
  • Rubber Band A.I.: Watch the other cars catch up with you at about 400km/h when you've finally built up a decent lead in La Sarthe.
  • Understatement: Your pit crew head will say that your car has "only a few scratches" even with the front end completely smashed if the "core" components (wheels, engine, suspensions) are untouched.
    • "Your car is all banged up but it's nothing serious."
  • The Rival: Ravenwest
  • Unnecessary Roughness: Online racing. Tracks and race classes are picked by majority vote, which almost always results in a combination of heavy closed wheel vehicles and narrow city courses, preferably the ones with a tight first corner for maximum carnage potential.
    • In the sequel, playlists run a variety of tracks, cars cannot be totaled in a playlist race and there are matchmaking penalties for ramming. While this does reduce the impact of griefers, there are even more city tracks than before and the playlist system generates plenty of no-contact events with staggered starts that reduce your aggression rating, ensuring you can batter your way to the front in every actual race without consequences.

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