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Video Game: Battle Pirates

Battle Pirates is a Real-Time Strategy Massively Multi-player Online game developed by video game company "Kixeye". The game takes place decades in the future where the world has been flooded by water, dividing civilization into two factions, the Draconian Empire, comprised of the upper-class citizens and the government before the apocalypse, and the Forsaken (controlled by the players), the rest of civilization which has resorted to piracy to survive. Both factions are fighting in a war that seemingly may never end.

Players take control of their own forsaken base, which they must fortify and upgrade to be able to research stronger technology and build better defenses and fleets. Gameplay consists of "Base attacks" and "Fleet vs Fleet" (Fv F) combat. The player constructs their own ships by using a combination of hulls, weapons, armors and specials.

This game provides examples of:

  • Action Bomb: The newly released 'unstable core' special has the benefits of engine upgrade, while causing the ship to explode upon having it's health depleted. When used in instant-repair Sea Wolf fleets, can let the fleet deal more damage upon expiring and making successive attacks easier.
  • After the End: Battle Pirates takes place after the world is subject to a global flood. The flood results in civilization splitting into two factions.
    • The Draconian empire consists of the upper-class and the government, they seek to destroy the Forsaken and gain control of the world's resources.
    • The Forsaken council (controlled by the players) is made up of the lower/middle class citizens who were left behind after the flood and had to resort to piracy to survive.
    • And now, there is the Reavers. A new faction recently added to the game that utilizes both forsaken and draconian tech. Their hulls appear to be Forsaken and Draconian hulls smashed together, while using the weaponry of both sides.
  • Allegedly Free Game: Subverted, you can research all end-game tech and earn the best raid prizes without spending a cent on gold, but it may take longer and people that spend money on gold have a slight advantage over those who don't.
    • Gold can be used to speed up repairs, builds, and researches at time reduction of 30 minutes per 1 gold. High-tier raid hulls with good builds can take up to 16 days per ship, making it advisable to use gold unless you are comfortable with waiting.
    • Gold can be used to instantly finish incomplete unfinished blueprints, instead of gradually earning blueprint parts by hitting salvages.
    • Gold can be used to send "premium" gifts to your friends, such as blueprint parts, mega resource crates, and amounts of gold.
  • Artificial Stupidity: If you're ships get in the range of an AI enemy's weapons, they will stop moving to fire at you, meaning that they can fire at you with missiles but avoid moving closer even if they have powerful ballistic weapons.
    • This is one of the problems with base guarding ships, if they are set to move, they will also stop when any of their weapons are able to fire at the enemy. This makes mixing weapon types a bad idea as just putting one missile on a powerful ballistic ship would make it incapable of moving in for the kill on it's own.
  • Badass Army: The Forsaken, which is composed of the players, with each player capable of destroying a vast amount of Draconian mines, salvages and outposts.
  • Beat Them at Their Own Game: Draconians have access to better technology than the Forsaken players, with their own hulls, specials and weapons. These can actually be gained by earning enough blueprints from salvages, or winning them from monthly raids or weekly missions. This means that you can use the Dracs' own powerful weaponry against them.
  • Charged Attack: The D92 Impulse Launchers have a variant on the "collect" type, as shots from these weapons build up a charge on the targets they hit; when the charge reaches maximum, it unleashes a "radioactive shockwave" that hits everything in a certain radius For Massive Damage.
  • Color-Coded Armies: Forsaken ships are almost always grey and a shade of green, while most Draconian ships are black and navy.
    • Reaver ships are usually silvery, with an exposed orange engine core.
  • Cooldown: Reaver weapons - such as the Torrent Missile and Reaver Chaingun - fire in massive volleys; the Torrent Missile fires salvos of sixteen missiles, while Chainguns are capable of pumping out a whopping thirty shots per salvo. They also have the longest reload times in the game.
  • Critical Existence Failure: Subverted. Ships that have almost no health left will be shown to be on fire in some parts of the hull, but their speed and firepower will remain untouched until they are destroyed.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Usually for a ship to be good at a role, it needs to have weapons, armor and specials that are dedicated to that role. This almost always makes using a ship for anything other than it's usual purpose a bad idea.
    • Base hitting hulls usually utilize mortars or siege missiles to destroy bases, except some blitz hulls (like the thresher). Mortars have a long flight time, making them unable to hit moving targets, and siege missiles have lower range than other missiles, allowing the ship to be kited by cutlass or assault missiles. Base hitting ships can fall to faster and more agile ships.
    • Fleet vs fleet hulls are usually fast and make use of weapons such as cutlass/assault missiles or ballistic weapons. Ballistic weapons are blocked by the walls in bases and missiles do half damage to buildings (except siege missiles). Fleet vs fleet hulls don't have the armor to withstand base defense weapons.
    • The Piranha depth-charge weapon does an absolutely massive amount of damage (piranha d-charge 3 dealing over 7000 damage), is a concussive weapon (the only ship with concussive defense is the Interdictor, with no armors or specials for concussive defense exsisting), and can damage submerged submarines. It downside however, is that is has a range of 18, the single lowest in the game. The fact that it is out-ranged by every other weapon in the game means that it is only effective on fast hulls (such as the Sea Wolf or Battlecruiser X).
    • In the same vein as the piranha depth charge is the piranha drone module. When put on an Arbiter, Hurricane, or Vanguard, it gives it's host ship the ability to launch small, very fast drones, armed with miniature versions of the piranha depth-charge. They are notorious in base defense due to the fact that the drones need to be killed repeatably until the host ship runs out of drones to launch before the base-hitting fleet can reach the inside of a person's base. The fact that drones take time to be drained and that this gives a greater window for other people to surround the attacker's fleet and engage them after their attack ends.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Reaching level 50 makes anyone over level 50 capable of attacking you, negating the usual 5 levels higher/lower cap. It is physically impossible for you to have researched all the level 4 defense platform weapons and level 3 specials by then, and you are able to be attacked by players who may have the highest-tier raid hulls.
  • Cut and Paste Environments: All salvages, outposts and raid targets of the same level are completely identical. For example, you'll find that every single level 23 salvage uses the exact same ships with the exact same loadouts.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: Ships with high amounts of armor are not invincible, as such, it is entirely possible for say, a dreadnought to be killed by a gunboat. But the dreadnought would have to be A) very near death B) be using very short-range weapons against a gunboat armed with torpedoes or C) using mortars, which due to their long flight time, are unfit to use in fleet vs fleet.
  • Decisive Battle: Averted. Despite each monthly raid being advertised as "preventing the dracs from gaining a hold on the world map" or "dealing a big blow to the dracs", monthly raids don't seem to affect the Draconian empire's hold in the slightest.
  • Difficulty Spike: Difficulty with draconian targets scale, meaning that high-level targets might be much harder than targets that are only a few levels lower than them. For example, a fleet that can destroy 3 level 31 outposts might be incapable of destroying a level 37 outpost, even with multiple tries.
    • Raid targets are notably harder than other targets of the same level, for example, a level 31 military fleet is far harder than a level 31 salvage or outpost.
  • Elite Mook: The assorted "X-class" Draconian ships (such as the Battlecruiser X, Missile Cruiser X, and Juggernaut X) would fit the bill... if the Draconian military actually used them.
  • Fragile Speedster: The Forsaken Sea Wolf is fast and great at kiting, but has only one armor slot and a very low inherent armor value. However, its low armor allows it to be instantly repaired during raids (which offer half-repair time) by using the 5 minute speed-up. A common strategy is to spam them at raid targets until they eventually win, since raid targets do not repair.
  • Game Breaker: The Proto-Nemesis. It has 48000 armor with 6 armor slots, 16 weapon slots (previous highest on one hull was 10), 5 special slots, massive defense bonuses, 120% faster missile reload and 170% faster rocket reload. A good Proto-Nemesis base hitting build combined with an experienced driver is guaranteed to destroy any base. That isn't an overstatement, to this day, no base has survived being attacked by a full-health Proto-Nemesis. It's downsides being that it is slow, can only be built once after you earn it, requires absolutely massive amounts of resources to build, and you have to destroy draconian bases (which almost certainly would need multiple people) for a below 1% chance to get it.
  • Lightning Bruiser: The tier 5 Stingray is this. It is one of the fastest hulls in the game with a combat speed of 16, it's ballistic range and reload bonuses give it great ballistic firepower, and it's 4 special slots let it accommodate engine upgrade, autoloader and hardened barrels with one special slot to spare. It's speed lets it close the distance between it and it's foes quickly.
  • Long-Range Fighter: Mortar and missile weapons both have long range and usually give this role to the ship they are on. Missiles have such high range that fast enough ships can destroy enemies from afar without them being able to close the distance to return fire; this technique is referred to as "kiting".
  • Isometric Projection
  • Macross Missile Massacre: Any fleet using mid- to high-level hulls (such as the Sea Wolf, Hammerhead, or Sea Scorpion) and Draconian Assault Missiles (which fire salvos of two missiles per launcher every four seconds) will be capable of something fairly close to this - especially if the ship has a fairly high rank, since rate of fire increases with ship rank.
  • Made of Explodium: Reaver ships explode upon being destroyed, and the explosion is capable of harming any allied ships in the blast radius.
    • The Unstable Core special applies this effect to the ship it is equipped on.
  • More Dakka: The ripper cannon has a reload of 1.5 seconds. The Strike Cruiser X has an inherent ballistic reload bonus of +65%, plus autoloader 3 (A special that increases ballistic reload by 110%) gives you a 175% ballistic reload bonus. A SCX with ripper cannons can fire near constantly.
    • There is also the Reaver Chaingun and the Torrent Missile,both of which can rain death upon the enemy before reloading. (This does mean that the Torrent Missile is extremely useful against fleets and bases with Anti-Missile weaponry, though.)
    • The tier 5 Thresher hull has an inherent rocket reload bonus of +60%, and with cluster warheads 3 (A special that increases rocket reload by 170%) has a reload bonus of +230%. The drac assault rockets reload in 0.75 seconds. A Thresher with Cluster Warheads 3 and Assaults rockets reloads every 0.2 of a second.
  • No Sell: Ships with high enough armor will be able to shrug off low-level cannons, missiles and explosives like they are nothing.
    • The Hell/hailstorm anti-mortars and phalanx anti-missiles can protect their parent ships by shooting enemy projectiles out of the air, while they can't completely neutralize enemy fire, they can null their firepower somewhat.
  • Non-Lethal K.O.: No matter how many times your ships are blown up and sunk, they can always be repaired. And considering each ship can gain experience bonuses, it's only logical to assume that each ship has a crew that somehow survives being repeatably blown up.
  • Obvious Beta: This game is well known for it's glitches and crashes, and while Kixeye has made some effort to rectify these issues, it hasn't stopped them from getting a slightly soiled reputation when it comes to fixing bugs.
  • One-Hit Kill: Very low-level ships going against high-level ones might not have enough armor to withstand a single hit.
  • One-Man Army: Well, one ship army, the Proto-Nemesis is a massive behemoth. It has 48000 armor with 6 armor slots, 16 weapon slots (previous highest on one hull was 10), 5 special slots, massive defense bonuses, 120% faster missile reload and 170% faster rocket reload. It's downsides being that it is slow, can only be built once after you earn it, and you have to destroy draconian bases (which almost certainly would need multiple people) for a 0.1% chance to get it.
  • Painfully Slow Projectile: Mortars have a considerable flight time, which is long enough that they can reload before their mortars land, this makes mortars unfit for fleet vs fleet as fast ships can avoid them completely.
  • Power Glows: The X-class Draconian ships have Tron Lines on them, signifying their experimental high-tech nature, and certain hulls can gain an inner glow if they're retrofitted five times in the Retrofit Lab.
  • Shout-Out
    • The Goliath has a base armor value that is OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAND! Specifically, it has exactly 9001 base armor.
    • The portrait for the leader of Wrecking Crew (one of the Rogue Crews you can get in the Great Hall) is a woman with an eyepatch, a grenade launcher, and a bomb-disposal vest with extra grenades attached to the shoulders. Now, where have we seen an outfit like that before...?
    • One of the recently-introduced campaigns involves using fast ships equipped with short-range weapons (such as cannons and ship-mounted rockets) to destroy a set of bases protected with long-range defensive turrets. Appropriately enough, it's called "Run The Trench".
  • Splash Damage: Mortars and Rockets have a considerable amount of splash allowing them to damage multiple targets, this is one of the benefits that makes them great for base hitting.
    • Some variants of the Draconian siege cannon have a (small) amount of splash that allows them to damage multiple ships if they are occupying the same space.
    • The infamous Proto-Nemesis applies splash to any missiles that are mounted on it, making it the only (obtainable) ship to add splash to weapons that don't have any to begin with.
  • Suicidal Overconfidence: The enemy AI will attack your ships regardless of how likely they are to lose. You can attack a level 1 salvage with Missile Cruiser X's, and the dracs will consider rushing you with corvettes, the draconian version of the gunboat, to be a good idea.
  • Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors: Weapons usually excel in one role, and lack in another. Ships built for fleet vs fleet are usually horrible at base attacking, and ships built for base hitting are usually terrible at fleet vs fleet.
    • Ballistic weapons do moderate damage and have fast reloads, but under-average range. Ballistics are best used on fast ships that can close distances quickly.
    • Missile weapons do moderate damage and have high range, allowing the technique of kiting, but they have below-average reload speed and do less damage to buildings (except the siege missile, which does more damage to buildings). Missiles are best used on fast ships that are effective at kiting.
    • Mortar weapons do high damage with a considerable splash radius making them capable of damaging multiple targets at a time, but their long flight time restricts them to base hitting. Mortars are best used on bigger, heavier ships.
    • Rocket weapons do high damage with good splash, but have a even lower range than ballistics (except drac rockets). Like ballistics, these should be used on fast ships.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: While you are able to use Draconian technology, you still have to deal with usual limits such as weight. The AI on the other hand, has no such limitation. For example, in certain salvages you can find a drac Light Cruiser with 3 siege cannons, if you were to earn the Light cruiser and try the same configuration, you would not be able to build the ship due to weight limitations.
    • Not only do Draconians ignore weight restrictions, but also weapon limitations as well. For example, the drac Dreadnought is incapable of mounting torpedoes... when built by a player, but in high level Draconian outposts you can find Dreadnoughts armed with torpedoes.
    • You know how you can only have 5 ships in one fleet? Well in Draconian military fleets (in the monthly events), you'll find at least 10 ships, they must have pretty big docks.
    • Typically, if you stumble upon something that Draconians are able to do that you can't, the developer's explanation is usually "The draconians are more technologically advanced, and are therefore capable of utilizing technology we cannot." keep in mind that you can earn draconian technology.
  • The Juggernaut: The aptly named "Juggernaut", a Draconian hull with 8 armor slots, filling each slot with Depleted Uranium 4 armor gives it over 20000 armor points!
    • The Goliath, a massive hull that has 7 armor slots, but a inherent armor value of over 9000, and is so slow that with engine upgrade 3, it is still the second slowest ship in the game (having a speed of 4 before the special is added). It is restricted to base defense due to it's slow speed.
    • The Guardian, a less massive hull with 6 armor slots and a inherent armor value of 6000, and is actually slower than the goliath.
    • The Juggernaut X, an improved version of the Juggernaut, has the same armor but is slightly resistant to slow effects and increases the ability of drac armor mounted on it by 50%.
    • The Proto-Nemesis has over 48000 armor and 6 armor slots that enable it to take more damage than whole fleets!
  • Timed Mission: When hitting another player's base, you'll have around 4-5 minutes to destroy it, if the timer runs out during the attack, it ends instantly.
    • Fleet vs fleet battles also have a timer, but it is hidden from view.

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