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    The Demoman

Real name: Tavish Finnegan DeGroot

"So.... T'all you fine dandies so proud, so cocksure, prancin' aboot with your heads full of eyeballs! Come and get me I say! I'll be waiting on ya with a whiff of the 'ol brimstone. I'm a grim bloody fable... with an unhappy bloody end!"

Voiced by: Gary Schwartz

Black Scottish cyclops. Characterized as a Drunken Master and wears bandoliers of grenades on his black vest, worn over a team-colored suit. Apparently considers the Loch Ness Monster his mortal enemy, lost an eye by the tome of a magical wizard, and accidentally killed his first set of adoptive parents. On account of his lack of an eye, and blood heritage, he considers himself something of a Last of His Kind. He shared his class update with the Soldier, much like the Sniper and Spy. The update revealed the Demoman's lifestyle; along with working three jobs, he lives in a mansion in New Mexico with his blind mother. Uses a grenade launcher, a stickybomb launcher, and a bottle. Meet the Demoman!
  • Afro Asskicker: When he has his afro.
  • The Alcoholic: Ever wonder why the Demoman drinks? 1968 was an especially bad year to be a minority.
  • An Ax To Grind: The Scotsman's Skullcutter, or the Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker (HHHH).
  • Angry Black Man: Unless it's his morning off.
  • Ascended Meme: "Demoknight" was (at first) officially the "Close Combat Kit" before the fan nickname stuck.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Demoknights are easily the best at melee combat, but they give up their ranged weaponry and their capacity to blow people up at range, which is kind of the point of the class...
    • The Ullapool Caber. As fun as it is to smack someone with a grenade and blow up everyone around him, 9 times out of 10 Demomen are better off using means that DON'T involve themselves blowing up as well. Also, the Caber is a one-time-deal. You hit an enemy with it, he blows up, and if you manage to survive the explosion yourself, you're left with a scrap of a grenade that does pitiful damage and can only be restored by going all the way back to your team's Resupply Cabinet (located next to the spawn point).
    • It also has a high chance of knocking you (or your enemy, if they survive it, although it's rare) into the air. Doing so can leave you with a barely enough health to survive the fall. If you got an enemy after taking a hit, surviving the Ullapool's explosion, then the only thing you have to worry about it landing. And that's not counting the Shield & Caber combo.
    • Not just that, but thanks to this game's wonky hit-boxes, you could hit the enemy, it wouldn't register, and you'd blow up and lose the caber's exploding ability and not hurt anyone but yourself.
  • Badass Boast: "So... t'all ya fine dandies, so proud, so cocksure, prancin' aboot with yer heads fulla eyeballs... come and get me, I say! I'll be waiting for ya with a whiff of the ol' brimstone! I'm a grim bloody fable, with an unhappy bloody end!"
    • And for someone who is extremely sensitive about his missing eye, he gives us pretty good ones:
    "I came here to kick ass and have two eyes! And I'm all out of eyes! Well, half out."
    "Let's give 'em a sportin' chance! Someone, take out me other eye!"
  • Big Damn Heroes: Played for Laughs. His liver came back, in The Naked and the Dead, to short-circuit the blood bots with alcohol so he can personally deal with the rest who have his team strangled at the end of Old Wounds.
  • Bilingual Bonus: His family motto is "In regione caecorum, rex est luscus." This is a famous Latin quotation from Desiderius Erasmus. The meaning? "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king." (However, the seal seen on this page misspells "regione" as "regionem".)
  • Bizarre Human Biology: Somehow, he managed to create alcohol out of his own body.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: "Oh, they're gonna 'ave to glue yew back togeth'r, IN HELL!"
  • Brave Scot: When he's on your side.
  • Buffy Speak: "Awww... There's a new angel in heaven... IN HELL!"
  • Cluster Bleep-Bomb: "Imma Black Scottish Cyclops. They got more (extended bleep) than they got the likes o' me."
    • As it turns out, the censored line in Meet The Demoman was "They got more feckin' sea monsters in the Great Loch Ness than they got the likes o' me".
  • Continuity Nod: The old Demoman model in Team Fortress Classic also had an eyepatch and knit cap.
  • Dash Attack: With the Chargin' Targe, Splendid Screen, or Tide Turner equipped, the Demoman can gain the ability to charge for a brief period of time. This gives him a temporary speed boost to outrun even a Scout, the ability to ram players head-on, and it crit-boosts his weapons. The latter item can even give him full turning mobility.
  • Demonic Possession: This seems to be the relationship between him and the Eyelander, although the few times it's been seen in canon comics after it's unveiling in the WAR! Update, they seemed to at the very least tolerate each other's presence, and considering how the voice lines and actions for the Demoman are unchanged even with the Glowing Eyes of Doom and all, it may be less of this and more of a case of Symbiotic Possession.
  • Demolitions Expert: He's the resident explosives specialist.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: In public servers, a Demoman can usually get away with just laying some clever traps, and may even fare well in direct combat. In competitive play, Demomen have to learn all the potentially useful sticky jump locations on a map and be able to execute them perfectly (and thus be able to get to the central control point faster than the enemy Scouts), has no hit-scan weapon and so must rely on prediction, and has low mobility without the aid of sticky jumps. However, in the right hands, his trap laying and insane damage output make him possibly the most powerful unit on the field because of his area denial abilities - for instance, at mid on Badlands, if a Demoman can arrive fast enough, he can set traps all about the enemy's side and also fire grenades behind the enemy medic, preventing an escape while the soldiers jump above to fire down on him. In a game of territorial control, a scout picking off the enemy Demoman is often the perfect opportunity to push forward and advance.
    • Note that this trope does not apply to sticky mines, which require less effort to get more reward when compared to the grenade launcher, which is the core complaint about the class.
    • Unless, of course, your stickybomb launcher of choice happens to be the Scottish Resistance, in which case you are granted: a 25% faster firing speed, a maximum of 14 bombs deployed at once vs the usual 8, twice as much reserve ammo, the ability to destroy enemy stickybombs by detonating your own near them, the ability to see your own stickies through walls within a certain distance, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to selectively detonate your bombs by hitting Alt-Fire while aiming at the mines you want to blow, leaving the rest of your bombs still primed and ready. The major downside to this is an extra 0.8 seconds of arming time before your stickies will detonate, added on to the normal launcher's arming time of 0.7 seconds, meaning that you will have to wait 1.5 seconds before every individual sticky you fire can be detonated; this might not sound like much, but in a game as fast as Team Fortress, every fraction of a second counts, and the Scottish Resistance's longer arming time causes such a drastic change to the Demoman's direct combat capabilities that many players out-right dismiss it as completely worthless. However, players who take the time to get familiar with the weapon can become the most fearsome defensive powerhouses in the game, rivaling even the Engineer's fully-upgraded Sentry Gun; a sufficiently awesome Demoman can use the Scottish Resistance to simultaneously turn every route of ingress, health kit or objective point into an explosive death trap, form protective bomb barriers around his frontline-battling teammates and friendly Sentries that can disintegrate attacking Spies, Pyros, or even enemy sticky bombs as they are landing, quickly plant clusters of bombs in the path of an Ubercharge to launch them skyward and waste their invulnerability, create gigantic mine-fields of spaced-out bombs to force enemies to either waste time shooting them or take a long/hazardous detour, fill a fighting enemy player's path of retreat with bombs to make sure they won't come back to renew their push, carpet-bomb enemies at long range where the slower arming-time makes less difference and the faster firing-rate makes all the difference, break deadly sticky traps to open the way for teammates to safely charge, and just generally rain down explosive hell on anyone unfortunate enough to be dressed in a different color. Adequate skill with the Grenade Launcher is mandatory, which is a Difficult, but Awesome weapon in and of itself.
    • Loch-N-Load also plays as one. You can only have 3 shots per magazine, pitiful range, lesser blast radius and wouldn't explode unless it hits a character, it's basically a toned down Direct Hit. However, if you manage to hit someone with it, they will feel it, as it's capable of dealing up to 124 damage, one-shotting a lightly wounded 125/150 HP class.
  • Disproportionate Reward: Inverted. According to the Demoman's mother, his late father didn't get much for some of the jobs he did.
    "Yer da walked fifteen miles in the rain to blow up the Queen of England for a nickel!"
  • Dreadful Musician: With the Bad Pipes taunt equipped, it turns out that he's really bad at playing the bag pipes. Surprisingly, he can still shred with the electric guitar just fine.
  • Dressed to Plunder: The Demoman has an eyepatch by default, but the "Swashbuckler's Swag" outfit adds a peg-leg, a bottle of rum, and a captain's bicorne with piratey Flavor Text.
  • Drinking on Duty/Drunken Master: Tavish is not only the most cannily competent drunk around, he can also instantaneously sober up when the situation requires it. The man's liver is the stuff of legends.
  • Evil Weapon: The Eyelander appears to be one of these at first glance, although when the sword and it's owner is not on the clock, it's Ax-Crazy fixation on taking heads gives way to an actually quite personable demeanour.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: He has tea with his blind mother every day in the mansion he bought for her. She nags him a lot about his work, but on the whole it looks like she loves him just the same.
  • Eyepatch of Power: He's a "Black Scottish Cyclops."
  • Eye Scream: He was originally said to have lost his eye in an explosives accident. He says himself that he lost it to a wizard who removed it to remove the bragging rights of an evil spirit.
    • And on his first day of work as a janitor.
    • And look what happens to his other eye in "Meet The Sniper"!
    • In "Expiration Date," he gets a fork launched into his eyesocket. Fortunately, it was the one covered by an eyepatch.
  • Foil: As of the War! update, he's revealed to be pretty much the anti-Sniper. Cold Sniper vs. Boisterous Bruiser. Camper van vs. mansion. Estranged from his parents who dislike his profession vs. living with and doting on his aging mother, who approves of his profession to the point of being worried when he's got a day off. The Sniper comes from Australia, which is in the southern hemisphere, whereas the Demoman comes from Scotland, which is in the northern hemisphere (the British Isles are, moreover, nigh-exactly on the other side of the world from Australia). Furthermore, the Über update reveals that while Sniper spent years in the Australian Outback, the Demoman hasn't even been to the beach.
    • In-game, the Demoman is a highly versatile class that fares well at close-to-medium range with attacks that deal area of effect damage. By comparison, the Sniper is a highly specialized class that solely focuses on the precise elimination of targets at long-range.
    • This even extends to the players. While a team really doesn't need more than one Sniper, multiple Demomen can really come in handy.
    • In "Blood in the Water", the Demoman shows a rather contemptuous attitude towards the Sniper and his parents' lodgings. This is reciprocated by Sniper knocking out Demoman via sedation, and then intending to bury him alive (though Miss Pauling talks him out of it).
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: After taking a head with the Eyelander, Nessie's Nine Iron, or the Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker, the Demoman's single eye glows his team's colour and becomes brighter with each additional head.
  • Golf Clubbing: The Nessie's Nine Iron.
  • Grenade Spam: One of the most easy (and hated) ways to play the class is to lob all 4 grenades into the general direction of the enemy (usually at a chokepoint), reload, and repeat.
  • Having a Blast: You kidding? He's number two on this list of explosion-loving video game characters, second only to Bomberman.
  • Hilariously Abusive Childhood: His real parents abandoned him at birth, visiting him only after he had lost an eye and his adoptive parents honing his demolition skills at the Crypt Grammar School for Orphans. It's allegedly "a long-standing, cruel, and wholly unnecessary tradition among the Highland Demolition Men".
  • Improbable Weapon User: Apparently, that bottle o' scrumpy does as much damage as a bonesaw or a fire axe. However, the MythBusters have shown a full bottle does more than a cracked bottle. BUT the bottle isn't full. That would be a waste of good Scrumpy.
    • Equipping the Bottle Taunt suggests otherwise...
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: It seems average, until you realize this guy's lack of two eyes means he lacks depth perception; this sort of aim for a guy like him is uncanny.
  • In a Single Bound: Can be invoked with the Sticky Jumper, a sticky bomb gun which does absolutely no damage. This weapon is meant for the purpose of practicing sticky-bomb jumping, but since the weapon does no damage, where you could normally only use up to two (possibly three if being healed by a Medic) bombs without killing yourself, you can sticky jump with eight stickybombs.
    • Players often combine the Sticky Jumper with the Ullapool Caber to become a flying Action Bomb!
    • As of a recent update, the Sticky Jumper has been nerfed to only be able to have 2 stickybombs out at a time.
  • In-Series Nickname: His name is shortened to "Demo" by the Scout, Soldier, Heavy, Engineer, and Medic, and probably by the rest of his teammates.
  • In the Blood: His affinity for explosives, as explained by his retconned bio.
  • In Vino Veritas: The Demoman seems quite reasonable and calm when he's sober, as in his update comic. Presumably he's just drunk during the game itself then.
  • Joke Weapon: The Sticky Jumper, one of his unlockable main weapons; it deals no damage whatsoever and is meant for training.
    • Lethal Joke Weapon: Unless one uses it primarily for its sticky-jumping potential (no damage means no-self damage) to leap across absurd distances almost instantaneously. Some people have crazily-awesome strategies that send a full-health Demoman armed with other weapons rocketing into the enemy before they even know what happened. It helps that while normally sticky-jumping is limited to one or two bombs, the Sticky Jumper can use up to eight. (At least until it got Nerfed.)
  • Katanas Are Just Better: The Half-Zatoichi.
  • Large Ham: "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!"
  • Last of His Kind: Despite still having a mother that's black, Scottish, and alive, he remains of this trope since he has one eye while his parents lost both.
  • Leitmotif: Drunken Pipe Bomb.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Proper application of sticky-jumping turns the Demoman into an extremely mobile class with high damage output. Demoknights gain extra durability in exchange for range and charge to close the distance with frightening speed.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: The Chargin' Targe and Splendid Screen don't actually stop attacks, but they do increase resistance to explosion and fire damage. As of a recent patch, the Chargin' Targe even grants immunity to afterburn!
  • Mad Bomber
  • Major Injury Underreaction: "Oh, that smarts.", a relatively silent voiceline playing whenver Demo is taking damage. Any damage. This could be a reaction to a stray bullet, or to getting blown to bits.
  • Man in a Kilt: Not in-game, but the Demoman wears one in his family portrait, and an opposing Soldier may mock him for being "an Englishman in a dress".
    • With the advent of Nice Crate 2012, the Demoman can get an in-game kilt.
  • Multi-Ethnic Name: His full name. While "Tavish" is definitely Scottish, "Finnegan" is Irish and "DeGroot" is Dutch.
  • Nice Guy: Most of his in-game behavior can be attributed to his intoxication. When he's seen sober in the comics, he's always shown to actually be quite civil and friendly towards pretty much everybody, ranging from buying a mansion for his mother to live in to jovially sharing the story of how he lost his eye to a group of trick-or-treaters. The implications being that, without the alcohol clouding his mind, this is his true personality.
  • Nice Hat: His trademark beanie.
  • Not So Different: One of his domination lines toward Snipers is "I hate you bloody campers! EVERYONE bloody hates you!" Yet defensively-minded Demomen tend to lay stickybombs at crucial chokepoints and then sit there, waiting for a ripe opportunity to detonate them.
  • One-Handed Zweihänder: Averted. The reason Demoknights can use a shield and a two-handed weapon simultaneously is that the shield is attached by an arm brace.
  • Organ Autonomy: The comics depict his insides working this way. For whatever reason, they all share his eyepatch.
  • Pirate Parrot: The Bird-Man of Aberdeen parrot pet and its zombie equivalent. Also, as of Halloween 2013, the Mann-Bird of Aberdeen bird head that changes the Demoman's head into a parrot head that is modelled after his pet parrot (except for having an eyepatch).
  • Pretentious Latin Motto: His family has one, roughly translated as "In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King."
  • Post-Mortem One-Liner: From his video, after blowing half the BLU team to smithereens: "They'll have'ta glue ya back together... In Hell!
  • Punch-Clock Villain: The WAR! Update reveals he's quite reasonable when not working (or drinking).
  • Race Lift: The Demoman's Team Fortress Classic counterpart was white.
  • Saying Sound Effects Out Loud: "Ka-BOOOM!"
  • Scary Black Man: On the enemy team.
  • Self-Made Orphan: As explained on his trading card, but then thoroughly Retconned. The updated bio on the "Meet the Demoman" now states he managed to kill his adoptive parents and that his real parents only took him in when he discovered his love for explosives, reasoning that they decided to abandon him until his abilities finally aired.
    • This Retcon is more like Flip-Flop of God - when "Meet The Demoman" originally came out, he allegedly blew up his first set of adoptive parents in an attempt to destroy the Loch Ness Monster. With the website redesign, the current canon uses this original version.
  • Shield Bash: Demoknights end their charges with one of these and an automatic crit from their melee weapons. Sometimes the bash itself is enough to finish an enemy off.
  • Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors: Forms a triangle with the Engineer and Scout. Demomen bombard Sentry Nests from outside their range, Scouts take advantage of Demos' lack of hitscan weapons and get in close, and Sentries annihilate Scouts before they can get into effective range.
  • Take a Third Option:
    “If I were to pick up this cowering-plate, I would have to put down my second sword,” a Scotsman thinks. “And surely that is madness.” The Chargin’ Targe solves this riddle by turning the useless shield into a deadly weapon you can run at people with and then bludgeon to death.
  • Throw Down the Bomblet: Uses explosive weapons.
  • Trap Master: He can lay down a set of stickybombs that he can then set off at the right moment.
  • Tsundere: One of the Demo's lines, "I didn't need your help, ya know...", hints at a touch of this.
  • Twofer Token Minority: "I'm a black Scottish cyclops! They got more &#%$*@!@&#&!#*$ than they got the likes of me!"
  • Tyke Bomb: Demomen are abandoned by their biological parents until their bomb-making skills manifest themselves, which somehow work.
  • Violation of Common Sense: Sticky jumping. Especially considering it's more Difficult, but Awesome than rocket jumping, because more than two bombs will kill you if you aren't overhealed.
    • Another example lies in the Ullapool Caber. To put it simply, you're using a stick grenade as a melee weapon. The flavor text on the item even reads "A sober man would throw it."
    • The entire idea of the Demoknight. You take away the Demoman's explosives and give him a sword, shield, and funny shoes to fight against a team of mercenaries wielding rocket launchers, high-power sniper rifles, and miniguns.
    • The entire idea of the Demoman. When working on explosives one should preferably have two eyes and be sober. Yet he appears to have enough skill and/or family talent in him to just ignore his disadvantages.
  • Violent Glaswegian: In the game itself. Lore shows he's surprisingly non-confrontational when not on the battlefield, though.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy/Why Couldn't You Be Different?: Despite his seven figure salary, Demoman's mother disapproves that he 'only' works three jobs, pointing out that his dad had twenty-six jobs. Most people guess that she wants him rich enough to care for both of them even after he goes completely blind. But on the whole it looks like they love each other a whole lot just the same.
    Mrs DeGroot: "No Demoman worth his salt ever had an eye in his head past thirty!".
  • Workaholic: As mentioned above, a clan trait; he works three jobs, and his own dad was known for working twenty-six at once. Also, according to the Bombinomicon comic, he lost his eye at the age of seven when his mother sent him to look for jobs from a ghost on All Hallows' Eve and he wound up having his eye stolen by the titular enchanted tome.
  • Your Mom: "Dominated! An' I've been shagging your wife!"

    The Heavy

Real name: Mikhail (aka Misha)

"Some people think they can outsmart me. Maybe... Maybe. I've yet to meet one that can outsmart bullet."

Voiced by: Gary Schwartz

A massive Slavic man with a shaved head and Perma-Stubble. Rather than The Heavy as you might expect, the Heavy provides examples of The Big Guy or The Brute (depending if they're on your team), and as far as gameplay goes, the "tank" character of the group. Wears a team-color shirt, a Kevlar vest, and an ammo belt across his chest. Named his miniguns "Sasha" and "Natascha", and a machinegun "Tomislav". He's a pretty stoic guy outside of battle, but he really hates it when other people touch his gun. Perhaps the closest thing to a main character in the game, in how he is often featured "front and center" due to his size in artwork (in one splash screen, in the game's box art, in the selection lineup and in the promotional team lineup) and him getting the first class-centric video (and appearing first in both trailers and foremost in "Meet the Sandvich"). The Heavy was the third class to be updated with fun new toys. Uses a minigun, a shotgun, and his own fists. The Heavy's page on the TF2 Wiki, Meet the Heavy!

Interestingly, The Heavy also makes an appearance along with Max, Strong Bad, and Tycho in Poker Night at the Inventory by Telltale Games.
  • Acrofatic: It's surprisingly easy for him to sneak by an entire team and punch them to death.
  • Angrish: His AAANNGGHHH YAAAA DAH!!!!.
  • Animal Gender-Bender:
    • With the Chicken Kiev equipped, Heavy starts to make some odd threats:
    "As promised, Heavy will now lay egg in your mouth."
    • It could, however, also mean the equivalent of 'I'm going to tear off your head and shit down your throat.'
  • Animal Motifs: Scout compares him to a "big shaved bear that hates people", his class bio describes him like a bear, and the diminutive of his name can mean 'bear'.
  • Armor Is Useless: Averted; the Heavy is one of only two classes to wear any type of armor (in this case, it seems like a black ballistic vest) and he has the highest health out of them (see also the Demoman, who wears a similar vest and has fairly high health).
  • Atop a Mountain of Corpses: Gets to do the pose in "Meet The Medic".
  • Badass Boast: He has several:
    "Heavy does not need rank to know he is credit to team!"
    "I would be worried, if I was not giant!"
    "Never give up!" (Double as a Determinator)
  • Badass Bandolier: Although those shells look too large for his miniguns, it still fits.
  • Bald of Awesome / Bald of Evil: Depends on which side he's on.
  • Berserk Button: He doesn't take too kindly to people touching his weapons.
    Heavy: Oh my God, who touched Sasha? All right... WHO TOUCHED MY GUN?!
  • BFG: All his primary weapons.
  • Big Brother Instinct: As revealed by "A Cold Day In Hell", he's very protective of his mother and sisters. He's proud of them when he finds out that they're just as good at protecting themselves, now. He's also extended this towards the Medic.
  • Big Eater: "SANDVICH MAKE ME STRONG!" (He even earns an achievement for scarfing down 100 Sandviches, and before it was nerfed, he could eat them one after another without stopping if he felt like it.). He can throw it at his teammates and one of his responses reveals that he gladly share it:
    "Sandvich for everyone! We have earned it!"
  • Big Fancy House: Big Fancy Cabin, really. We finally see the interior in "A Cold Day In Hell". It's large enough for a banquet table, although with a family of badasses eating there every night, it'd have to be.
  • Big Fun / Fat Bastard: Depends on whether or not he's on your side.
  • Bigger Is Better: While he does look like he is roughly around his 40's or even 50's, age doesn't seem to stop him from out-sizing the Classic Heavy in a fair match, besting him in turns of raw strength. A shout-out scene is even played that makes Bane himself make a run for his money.
  • The Big Guy / The Brute: Again, it depends whose side he's in.
  • Big Guy, Little Guy: When he hangs around with the Medic, he's - naturally - the Big Guy.
  • Bilingual Bonus:
    • The songs the Heavy sings while pushing the bomb cart are Russian working songs.
    • "Dalokoh's" is the Russian word for chocolate (shokolad) backwards.
    • He comes off as smarter in the Russian version of his video (link here) ...and even more awesome.
    • Unintentionally invoked with his occasional Angrish: "AAANNGGHHH YAAAA DAH!!!" sounds very much like a Big "NO!" in Japanese.
  • Blunt Metaphors Trauma: "Ho, hohoho, oh that slaps me on the knee!"
  • Blush Sticker: Not him, but the Pocket Heavy in his likeness.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: "Is good time to run, cowards!"
  • Boring, but Practical: While requiring a degree of skill, compared to other classes, the Heavy is relatively straightforward and has very few all-around viable loadouts (as of late 2016, Stock or Tomislav, Sandvich, GRU or Fists of Steel). As such, he is often regarded as "boring". The "practical" part comes into play when you realize he's still a viable asset with a ton of DPS that can make or break a game. And when he's assisted by a Medic or pushing a Payload cart... well, good bloody luck trying to take him down without a headshot or a backstab.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Like his fellow teammates who aren't popular in the Competitive Side (due to his low mobility, Heavy doesn't see much use outside of last point holds), he is aware that he isn't suited for 6v6, but he tries nonetheless.
    "This is not usual job for Heavy. But I will make work!"
    "Heavy is credit to 6s!"
  • Buffy Speak
  • Cargo Ship: In-Universe, according to the Director update comic, as it shows the Heavy as having bought a bed for his mini-gun, and he sleeps next to it. In game, a dominating enemy Scout will taunt the Heavy about taking Sasha out for a nice steak dinner.
    Oh my God, who touched Sasha? Okay... WHO TOUCHED MY GUN?
  • Character Aged with the Actor: His voice actor is one of the oldest out of the bunch, and his voice has started to sound even deeper as a result. It's even lampshaded in Mann vs. Machine mode, which takes place five years after the main storyline (jumping from 1968 to 1972):
    Heavy: I am getting too old and giant for this.
  • Chummy Commies/Dirty Communist: His attitude towards his home country and the Communist ideology largely depends on the writer. Whether he's one or the other depends on whether he's on your team or not.
  • Cigar Chomper: Two different items allow him to be this. One gives him a beard that resembles that of a Banana Republic dictator, the other gives him horns and sideburns resembling Hellboy.
  • Companion Cube: He talks to his Minigun and his Sandvich.
    "What was that, Sandvich? 'Kill them all?' GOOD IDEA!"
  • Consulting Mister Puppet: Some of the stuff (see above) he says in regards to the Sandvich implies this.
  • Continuity Nod: Making the Hound Dog hat official might be a reference to the "hair Heavy", a Heavy with wavy black hair, seen in the Heavy's "Soviet Union" achievement portrait, which itself is a reference to the original concept art of Heavy, which had said hairstyle.
    • The Heavy Duty Rag bandana helps give him a resemblance to the original Heavy from Team Fortress Classic. The War Goggles are based on those worn by the same Classic character, the Eliminators Safeguard on the earlier Heavy model's helmet, and the Combat Slacks are based on the kneepads worn by both.
  • Crutch Character: Because Mann Vs. Machine focuses on wave defense, Heavy's insane DPS and Bottomless Magazines makes it by far the best attacking class without upgrades except when attacking tanks (because Tanks have 75% damage resistance against miniguns). However, he cannot improve his direct damage nearly as much as other classes: most can increase base damage, fire rate, and reload speed, while Heavy can only increase fire rate (and it's at a greater cost per upgrade than anyone else). Because of this, it's common on the harder missions for a few players to play Heavy for a few rounds without spending any money, then spend the money on a class that benefits from it more, like Demoman.
  • Dark and Troubled Past:
    • During the filming of "Meet The Heavy", the director questions the Heavy about his past. While the events within Heavy's backstory (his counter-revolutionary father was killed, and he was sent to a gulag with his mother and sisters) are confirmed in "A Cold Day In Hell" to have occurred, he is more concerned about telling the Director all about his gun. The Administrator gets more leverage out of threatening said gun.
    Director: Your father was a counter-revolutionary. When he was killed, you, your mother, and your sisters were transported to a North Siberian gulag. Paint me the picture.
    Heavy: No. This is my gun. I like to shoot this gun. Is all you need to know.
    Heavy: I. Like. To shoot. This gun. Is all you need to know.
    • Turns out the fact that he escaped with his family was likely another reason why he doesn't want to talk about it, especially since he's rather protective of them.
  • Deadly Upgrade: Transplantation of an Übercharged Mega Baboon heart as seen in "Meet the Medic", which allows him to be invincible.
    Heavy, after being Übercharged: Ha ha ha! I AM BOOLETPROOF!
    • "Meet the Medic" shows that the Heavy's original heart exploded when the Medic slapped the übercharge valve on it and held it into the medigun's beam to charge it. We don't know for certain if that also happened to the hearts of the other mercenaries who received the same upgrade surgery later. But the Medic's comment that this happens often as "most hearts couldn't withstand this voltage" implies that a) the Medic experimented with this before, and b) we can assume that the other mercenaries' hearts also had to be replaced. In the case of the Scout's probably with the "Loch Ness hamster" heart from the Medic's fridge.
  • Difficult, but Awesome:
    • A bad Heavy is Sniper/Spy bait. A good Heavy has to be able to pick out the sound of decloaking Spies over the roar of his own minigun, sidestep rockets while still at the speed of smell, gun down rocket/sticky jumping Soldiers/Demomen before they can land, appear behind the enemy team to mow down their non-combat classes, tap out War and Peace in morse code with their crouch button to avoid headshots, and generally move with a degree of agility above and beyond what their movement speed would be expected to allow.
    • Heavy gameplay requires a good bit of prediction and out-thinking, as his short range and lack of tools to get in said range means a good heavy has to control the fight, instead of simply running in and hoping for the best.
  • Dumb Muscle: Subverted. While it doesn't stand out in the game proper, he shows surprising levels of intelligence and sophistication in the comics, promo videos and Poker Night at the Inventory
  • Emotional Bruiser
  • Eloquent in My Native Tongue:
    • How eloquent? He has a PhD in Russian Literature!
    • Averted in "A Cold Day In Hell", as Heavy speaks perfectly grammatical English to both his family and the team, though he clearly speaks in a clipped way to the team compared to his family.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: Genuinely loves and takes care of his mother and sisters.
  • Everything's Better with Plushies: The Pocket Heavy item that Medic can carry around in his pocket.
  • Everything Trying to Kill You: One of the highest priority targets in any given situation (along with the Medic following him around), the meta-game has a number of effective ways to take a Heavy down as quickly as humanly possible: Backstabs, Headshots, Sandman Stunning, Puff-and-Sting with the Pyro's Axtinguisher, and so on.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Heavy is able to eat the Robo and Festive Sandviches, despite them being made of metal and covered in wrapping paper respectively. He can also eat any of his food items after being doused in Jarate. Must be why he was so nonchalant about eating his sandvich after learning what happens when you teleport it..
  • Fate Worse Than Death: Poker Night at the Inventory shows us that the Heavy remembers the respawn system of the game as a series of nightmares...
    Heavy: Do you ever get the nightmares?
    Strong Bad: Sometimes I get the Jibblies.
    Heavy: I am talking about visions of endless suffering. Dead Doctors everywhere. Spy cannot be found.
    Strong Bad: That sounds like the Jibblies, man.
    Heavy: I do not like this "Jibblies".
  • Fearless Fool: In "Meet the Pyro", he says that he fears no man, but he does admit that the Pyro scares him. To be fair, he doesn't know if Pyro is male or female, so he refers to the Pyro as "that thing".
  • Finger Gun: One of the Heavy's taunts, and it can insta-kill anyone unlucky enough to be in his line of fire.
    "POW! HA HA!"
  • Fingerless Gloves: Wears them by default in the final version of the game.
  • Gatling Good: Da, Sasha. Gatling VERY GOOD!
  • Genius Bruiser: The Heavy's blurb for "Meet the Heavy" video series spells it out — "though he speaks simply [...] the Heavy isn't dumb." It's implied that his command of Russian (his native language) is (much) greater than his grasp of English. In Poker Night at the Inventory, he claims to have a PhD in Russian Literature from the Soviet College of Mines, Farms, and Science.
  • Gentle Giant:
    Like a hibernating bear, the Heavy appears to be a Gentle Giant. Also like a bear, confusing his deliberate, sleepy demeanor with gentleness will get you ripped limb from limb. Though he speaks simply and moves with an economy of energy that's often confused with napping, the Heavy isn't dumb, he's not your big friend, and he generally wishes you'd just shut up before he has to make you shut up.
    • However, one store description does refer to him as "the gentle giant we all know and love". He's very protective of anyone he cares about, especially his mother, his sisters, and his Medic, and he's surprisingly reserved when not angry or out on the battlefield.
  • Glorious Mother Russia: Just to give you an idea, here are some of his achievements: Lenin a Hand, Pushkin the Cart, Gorky Parked, Soviet Block, Supreme Soviet, Own the Means of Production, Show Trial, Stalin the Cart, the Communist Mani-fisto... the list goes on.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: Standard for all characters who get ÜberCharged, the Heavy gets to demonstrate it in "Meet the Medic".
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: His appearance in Poker Night at the Inventory is rather casual when compared to what he usually does.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: He practiced boxing back in school. It was either that or herding goats. He is not good with goats.
  • Gratuitous Russian: Not very prevalent compared to the Medic and the Spy, but still noticeable.
  • The Gulag: He spent three months in one, along with his mother and sisters, after his dad was executed as a counterrevolutionary. And then someone unspecified note  killed all the guards, allowing all the prisoners to escape, and burnt down the gulag. He doesn't like to talk about it with just anybody.
  • Gun Twirling: With the Shotgun and the Family Business.
  • Guttural Growler
  • The Heavy: Ironically, not always. But a good player can definitely turn him into one, with properly bringing his Mighty Glacier powers to bear largely controlling the battlefield.
  • Heroes Want Redheads: Although not technically hero-material, Heavy does love women with "red hair". Seen at Poker Night at the Inventory, and just look at Tycho's face.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Medic. The "Meet the Medic" video shows that he trusts the man with his life despite his shady background as a doctor. In-game, he has the most enthusiastic variation of "Thanks, Doctor!", and even says "GET BEHIND ME DOCTOR!" or "I love this doctor!".
  • Hidden Depths: The Heavy's a college graduate according to Poker Night, with a Ph.D in Russian Literature. When asked how much use he could possibly get out of it when his job is mowing down people with a minigun, he replied, "More than you'd think."
  • Human Pincushion
  • Husky Russkie: He is arguably The Giant and has quite the Stout Strength (lifting 150 kg of Minigun, punches that sparks and kill a living person in 2-3 hits, matching in brute strength a bear...). He is even as fast as everyone when wielding the GRU and as a Soldier with the Eviction Notice: he can match the Scout in speed when whipped by the Disciplinary Action with those weapons.
  • I Call It "Vera": To all his miniguns. Originally it only applied to his default Minigun/Iron Curtain "Sasha" and Natascha, but "The Showdown" comic shows that he has names for his other miniguns; "Svetlana" for Tomislav, "Oksana" for Brass Beast and "Sheila" for Huo-Long Heater.
  • "Instant Death" Radius: While not technically "instant," at point blank range with his mini-gun he does about 500 damage a second, (the most health one player can have in a normal, non-MvM game is 450 the amount of health a fully-overhealed Heavy has), so even another Heavy will be torn to pieces extremely fast. Unless you're a Spy, don't get near a Heavy if he isn't distracted. However, steep damage drop-off means at medium range and beyond the minigun starts to lose effectiveness quickly.
  • Invulnerable Knuckles: To quote the Heavy himself, "THEY ARE MADE OF STEEL!" When you hit a metal wall, sparks fly, and they do more damage than his brass knuckles. Yes, you read that right: the Heavy can do more damage with his bare hands than he can with brass knuckles.
  • Kevlard: Heavy has both the biggest girth and the most hit points of the nine classes.
  • Large Ham: The largest on the battlefield, by far.
    Don't run, it's just HAAAAMMMM!
  • Leitmotif: As the Face of the Band, his is The Main Theme of the game.
  • Literal Change of Heart: In "Meet the Medic", his heart is accidentally destroyed and replaced with the heart of a "Mega Baboon."
  • Lightning Bruiser: Heavy's base speed is 230HU(77%) making him the slowest but when wielding the Gloves of Running Urgently or Eviction Notice, it increase up to 300HU(100%) and 264,5HU(88%) respectively. While the former makes him more vulnerable to damage(takes mini-crits) the latter is actually a decent weapon(20% less DPS) giving a speed boost similar to the Disciplinary Action. When whipped, the Heavy moves at 322HU(107%) and at 392HU(130%) with the GRU and at 356,5 with the EN(118%) which is nearly as fast as a Scout with the Baby Face Blaster with 0% boost at 360HU(120%). 230HU is equivalent to 9.3 mph; or 15.7716 kilometers per hour. Heavy can run this speed while carrying a 150kg minugun; without tiring or slowing down. At that speed; Heavy would run a marathon in 2.67 hours; or 2 hours 40 minutes, which is FAR above the men's average of 4 hours 20 mins. While weighted down by a 150kg minigun.
  • Masked Luchador: His Large Luchadore and Cold War Luchador masks. We haven't seen him actually wrestle yet, though. He has, however, been depicted suplexing a bear in the supplemental comics.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • He named his gun Sasha, which means "defender, helper of mankind". Heavies are a defense class.
    • His own name's short form Misha can mean "bear", which he's often compared to. And fights, bare (bear?) handed. He also hunts to bring home food, which he shares with his family.
  • Mighty Glacier: Most base health in the game, slowest base movement speed. Downplayed in that 300 HP isn't quite "glacier" levels of durability- 4 non-crit rocket hits or 3 close-range scattergun shots do the trick. His minigun is also nearly unmatched in damage potency close-up, but will sharply drop off past that range, and using it makes him even slower. He also has great physical strength, apparently being able to punch through metal and match bears with his strength. His Minigun also weighs 150 kilograms and he lifts it with ease.
  • Mook Horror Show: Interestingly enough, not in his promo, but in Medic's.
  • More Dakka: A 200-ammunition clip (each one firing four bullets at once) is the base amount, which you can chew through in under a minute. Poot a Heavy by a Dispenser and he becomes a bottomless fountain of bullets. Mann vs. Machine lets you upgrade to a 500 round clip and increase your fire rate significantly. Valve had to give the tanks (the mini-bosses in Mann vs. Machine mode) a 75% damage resistance to miniguns just to stop Heavies from simply chewing through them in a matter of seconds. With a fully upgraded Brass Beast and a crit canteen, he does literally 2560 damage a second, enough to kill a Giant Robo-Heavy or Medic in roughly two seconds of sustained fire and around one second for any other giant.
  • Noodle Incident: "Meet the Medic" shows that the Heavy got a nuclear warhead the size of his head stuck inside his abdominal cavity.
  • Not That Kind of Doctor: He has a doctorate in Russian literature. It's apparently more useful than you'd think in his line of work.
  • Pet the Dog:
    • This comic for Halloween sees the Heavy absolutely furious at the audacity of a child asking him for free candy... until the child starts crying, and the Heavy frantically backpedals on his previous remarks (particularly calling the child fat), and then gives him seven thousand dollars.
    • He also has a soft spot for small birds, mourning the senseless death of a sparrow in Poker Night at the Inventory, and adopting a baby robin in-game.
  • Psychopathic Manchild:
    • Despite appearing fairly erudite in "Meet the Heavy", some of his in-game lines suggest things, especially whenever he starts talking to the Sandvich.
  • Rasputinian Death: One of his achievements, "Rasputin", is earned when he is shot, burned, bludgeoned, and receives explosive damage in a single life. This is not a hard achievement to get if one spends enough time on the frontlines.
  • Real Men Eat Meat: The Buffalo Steak Sandvich. Who needs bread?
  • Real Men Wear Pink:
    • His second Halloween costume (from Scream Fortress 2013) is a pink fairy princess dress.
    Heavy: "I am dressed like little girl. You are still biggest baby!"
  • Russian Guy Suffers Most:
    • The BLU Heavy (along with BLU Soldier) is pretty much the Butt-Monkey of all the Meet the Team videos and the class most often shown getting beat on whenever a new update happens. The RED Heavy inverts this; whenever he's taking center stage, everyone else suffers the most. (Although even RED Heavy was victim to having his rib snapped off.)
    • His past. See the Dark and Troubled Past entry.
  • Satiating Sandwich: The page image. As the Heavy himself says, it's "MOIST AND DELICIOUS, HAHAHA!"
  • Saying Sound Effects Out Loud:
    • He sometimes mimics his minigun as he's firing.
    • He also goes "NOM! NOM! NOM!" when he eats his Sandvich.
  • Scatting: After destroying a building, he may hum a snippet from Sabre Dance.
  • Shoot the Medic First: Ironically and tragically deconstructed in The Naked and the Dead. As the classic Heavy shrugs off the Medic's remark of unfairnessnote , the Classic concludes the argument by shooting him offhandedly. Much to the modern Heavy's chagrin, he decides to commit a rebuttal to that statement. The Medic got better though.
  • Shouting Shooter: "Waaaaaaaahhh, uwaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!", "Beeeeehhhhh! Uwaaaaaaah!! Wahahahahaha! Cry some more!!"
  • Smarter Than You Look: According to Poker Night at the Inventory, The Heavy has multiple lines asking the characters about their respective educations. Tycho plays it off with a lame D&D joke, Max admits he never went to college, and Tiny Heavy... well. Not only that, he chats with Tycho about his favorite book (Tsar Hunger by Leonid Andreyev), because — get this — he has a PhD in Russian Literature. That's Dr. Heavy Weapons Guy to you!
    • The comics, especially "Blood in the Water", make him out to be particularly perceptive and savvy, especially compared to The Scout.
  • Smoking Barrel Blowout: Done with the Finger Gun.
  • Spent Shells Shower: His various primary weapons leave not only carnage in their wake, but a trail of discarded brass as well.
  • Spikes of Villainy: His Eviction Notice brass knuckles are spiked as well. Also, some of his hats are outfitted with some vicious-looking pointy bits.
  • Stout Strength:
    • His incredible size and girth are matched only by his fearsome strength, and his football helmet references his similarity to an offensive lineman.
    • To get an idea of how strong he is, consider that Sasha weighs 150 kilograms (330 pounds to Americans). That he can not only lift the gun up but run and jump with it for extended periods of time speaks volumes about him.
    • Also, in the "A Cold Day in Hell" comic, he defeated an enraged mother brown bear taller than him with his bare hands.
  • Sweet Tooth: He can use the Dalokohs bar to heal himself infinitely.
  • Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors: Forms a triangle with the Spy and Pyro. Heavies are a favorite high-priority target of backstabs, Pyros torch Spies to exterminate them, and Heavies mow down Pyros with higher health and damage output note .
  • The Face: Implied to be the leader of The Team. For various reasons, The Team lets the Soldier think otherwise.
  • The Quiet One: Initially stated to be part of his personality, but because of how loud and boisterous he gets in-game, it only mostly shows up in supplementary materials (and Poker Night At The Inventory). In the "Blood In The Water" comic, he advises Scout to "Listen more, talk less." It's because of this that he can read between the lines and gather information that isn't explicitly stated. Not bad, for a guy for whom English is his second language.
  • Third-Person Person: Seems to be Depending on the Writer. In the 2011 Halloween comic, in his dialogue when battling Merasmus, and when he has the fairy princess set equipped, he plays this trope straight, but not anywhere else.
  • This Banana is Armed: His "imaginary" pistol will freaking kill you should you be the one looking at it.
  • Trademark Favorite Food:
    • Under no circumstances should you allow that Heavy to eat that Sandvich. However, it is also very unwise to try to keep him from it.
  • Unstoppable Rage: "YOU... KILLED... DOCTOR."
  • Vocal Evolution: His Heavy voice in the "Mann vs Machine" event is a bit more guttural and monstrous, possibly as a result of the actor becoming older. His lines in the Merasmus boss fight then essentially became just Demoman without the accent. Luckily, that faded with the following Halloween event, where Heavy's voice started to sound more like his old self again.
  • Vodka Drunkenski:
  • Wicked Cultured: Despite being a brawny, bear-like brute, the Heavy has a PhD in classic Russian literature and enjoys Peach Bellini over vodka, according to Poker Night at the Inventory.
  • Yandere: To his weaponry. DO NOT touch his weaponry, especially his Minigun whom he calls "Sasha".
  • Your Mime Makes It Real: Heavy's taunt for his fists is him miming a Finger Gun... and actually killing an enemy with it.

    The Engineer

Real name: Dell Conagher

"Hey look, buddy. I'm an engineer — that means I solve problems. Not problems like 'What is beauty?' because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy. I solve practical problems."

Voiced by: Grant Goodeve/Nolan North note 

American, from Bee Cave, Texas. Dressed in workshirt and overalls of team color, protective knee pads, one welding glove, hard hat (worn backwards), and goggles. Exhibits Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness during the "Meet the Engineer" trailer, but this is markedly absent from his in-game dialogue. The nicest member of the team, to the point where his domination taunts sound more like good-natured ribbing than anything. Judging by the maniacal laughter he sometimes indulges in (including as one of his taunts), he seems to have a bit of the Mad Scientist to him as well. Has 11 PhDs. Was the last class to receive new weapons. Uses a shotgun, a pistol, a wrench, a building tool, and a destroying tool. Meet the Engineer!
  • Angrish: "Dagit nabit, nagit dagit!"
  • American Accents: A lazy Texan drawl.
  • Apologetic Attacker: One of his domination lines to the Pyro is an apology. However, since it's "Sorry, ma'am", it's actually a Stealth Insult... probably.
  • Artificial Limbs:
    • The Engineer has two weapons that take the form of prosthetics- the Gunslinger and the Short Circuit, both of which replace his right hand. It's implied that the Engineer cut off his own hand in order to install the Gunslinger.
    • There's also a Halloween cosmetic for the Engineer's left hand, named the Iron Fist.
    • ...and a cosmetic for his left foot, called the Roboot.
  • Bad Future: A future Engineer does this, going back from a time where Gray Mann apparently won his battle with the Mercs by tricking them into buying hats from him. He only barely manages to get the message not to open the crates that contain those hats to the Mercs before being sent back... except one of the Mercs in question is the Soldier, who apparently mishears him and opens the crates anyway.
  • Badass Baritone: Maybe not as much at launch, but Grant Goodeve tends to use a noticeably deeper voice for lines added in later updates.
  • Badass Boast: In all fairness, one of the biggest pros of the Meet Your Match update is that all of the classes(minus the Medic) have a huge load of these
    "This button here, builds Teleporters. This button, builds Dispensers. And this little button makes them enemy sum-bitches wish they'd never even been born!"
    "I whipped up a satellite earlier to scan the topography of the area, boys. And guess what? There's plenty of room for us to kick their asses all over it!"
  • Bald of Awesome/Bald of Evil: Just like the Heavy, but it isn't as obvious since Heavy is hatless by default and Engie isn't.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Has this to say when Blutarch Mann reveals that he illegally exhumed the corpse of the Engineer's grandfather just to get a few blueprints while the geezer electrocutes him:
  • Boring, but Practical: Like the Medic, some players refuse to ever play Engineer. Yet an Engineer's buildings have huge amounts of undeniable utility that can multiply a competent team's efficiency by several fold. Engineers are absolutely essential on Defense where a given team's ability to hold off an onslaught is effectively measured by "how many sentries do we have?" and also devastate on Offense by teleporting in constant reinforcements, dispensing ammo/health on the front line, establishing hidden forward bases in enemy territory, and locking down captured areas from counterattacks. Not the most fun role on the team, but good players understand and appreciate how important it is nonetheless.
    • Crippling Overspecialization: On the other hand, some teams instead gain the burden of too many Engineers. While three and up Sentries seems like an unstoppable barrier, the truth is that Engineers take time to set up their nests and are very vulnerable when doing so, especially if they're constantly having to rebuild. New Engineers also make the mistake of putting their Sentries right next to each other, thinking they're doubling their firepower when all they've done is make the Sentries a bigger target for a single Ubercharge, Demoman, or crafty Spy. In Mann Vs Machine too many Engineers will leave a team with too much static defense and no support roles or any way to chase down bomb carriers that inevitably slip through when the waves of Sentry Busters open up holes in the line. Two Engineers is usually good enough for a full twelve-man team.
  • Bottomless Magazines: The Widowmaker Deus Ex: Human Revolution promotional weapon uses up building metal as ammunition. Each hit on target returns metal according to the damage done to the enemy, so a engineer that can aim consistently can literally shoot forever without as much as picking ammo crates. Regardless of the method used to recover used up metal, the Widowmaker has no reload animation nor needs one.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Like the Sniper, in one of his domination lines against a Heavy, the Engineer seems to be aware that he's killing the same person repeatedly:
  • Cannot Tell a Joke: Being incredibly smart doesn't make you good at telling jokes, apparently.
    "Don't worry, boys! The Engineer, is Engi-here! [laughs] Yeah...still tinkerin' with that one."
    "These fellas are gonna be ohm-less if they don't put up more of a resistance! [laughs] Ah, that's an engineering joke."
  • Cloud Cuckoolanders Minder: Promotional material shows that out of all the mercenaries, the Engineer is the closest work friend to the Pyro. Though irked and disturbed by Pyro's very apparent insanity, the two are shown to be roommates in "True Meaning" and rather close friends, possibly due to how much he relies on the Pyro to help with defending his buildings from Spies, Soldiers, and Demomen. Ironic that the probably most sane mercenary of the team is friends with the most insane.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Arguably the biggest example out of the entire team. Whereas his allies rely upon their own weapons to do damage, he decided it was smarter to find a good choke point from which to deploy a veritable death machine, and, as if that wasn't enough, to back it up with a free health source and a means to quickly teleport team-mates to his position to help defend his stuff from attackers.
  • Continuity Nod: A photo from his update reveals that his father was the Engineer from Team Fortress Classic. One of his domination lines towards the Spy is a reference to this.
    "That's what my daddy taught me to do to backstabbers."
  • Cultured Badass: Has 11 doctorates, a cultured appreciation for the visual arts, and southern hospitality to spare. That said, he is considered one the nine deadliest mercenaries on the planet for a reason.
  • Cut Lex Luthor a Check: The Engineer and the Medic are both explicitly credited with refining and inventing their tech, respectively. Between the two of them, they could turn the world on its ear if they ever started selling their technology, a la Saxton Hale. Instead, they're content to be incredibly well-paid mercenaries.
    • Engie owns the patent on his and his grandfathers' Sentry Guns, and apparently sold a license to TF Industries, so he probably has some kind of royalties deal from that invention if nothing else.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Bad Engineers place all their Level 3 buildings in a chokepoint, then hold primary fire with their wrench out to continuously repair the sentry before a Demoman comes to destroy everything. Good Engineers are able to manage their metal supplies and buildings during the thick of battle and place Sentries in multiple places where somebody might be sneaking around in. Engineers don't even bother with blatantly obvious chokepoints that make them targets for Spies and Demomen, but will actually put their sentries around corners and tucked in nooks and use them to ambush anybody who isn't paying attention.
  • Dissonant Serenity: What's to worry about when all you need is more gun? Designed by him, built by him... "and you best hope... not pointed at you."
    • In battle, Engineers can be pretty calm and relaxed just a few feet away from where the rest of their team is getting murdered. But then a Spy comes in...
    • In "True Meaning", he stays calm during and in the aftermath of a rocket crash into his living room that barely missed him and the Pyro.
    • With the Rancho-Relaxo taunt, he can erect a lawn chair, grab a beer, and watch the sparks fly while he sits there without a care in the world.
  • Drone Deployer
  • Eagleland: Pretty much Flavor #1, almost an opposite of the Soldier, and easily the nicest of the bunch (except during his domination quips, of course).
  • The Engineer: Obviously. He provides the page quote.
  • Equipment Upgrade: He is based around placing and upgrading various buildings to support the team (most notably the sentry gun; an automated gun which goes from a knee high machine gun to a dual minigun/rocket launcher platform).
  • Evil Laugh: Has a few rather fantastic ones, just pull out his pistol or wrench and taunt.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Sentries, dispensers, and teleporters, oh my!
  • Glass Cannon:
    • The Widowmaker has no need to stop to reload, as it uses Engineer's metal supply. However, it also restocks this ammo upon hitting someone, possibly fully refunding the metal cost. If you can land all your shots at close range, then the Engineer becomes a lead-spewing monstrosity of constant damage.
    • An Engineer with the Frontier Justice can also become one if he's gained many crits, which he earns by sentry kills. His crit-boosted shotgun does a maximum of 180 damage, enough to one-hit kill almost any class. Thus, don't assume an Engineer is helpless once his sentry is destroyed. That glowing shotgun might be the last thing you see.
    Engineer: Start praying, boy.
  • Goggles Do Nothing: He wears them like regular sunglasses, rather than for welding, and they do nothing for the player.
    • This is doubled by the Hotrod. The mask is seen to flip down when the Engineer is going to build something, but in real life the smoked lenses of both the goggles and mask would render one unable to see.Ironically 
  • Good Ol' Boy: When he's not in battle. And sometimes even when he is.
  • Gun Twirling: If the stock pistol is selected during taunting, Engie twirls it and blows an imaginary plume of smoke away.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: He seems a nice enough guy, but he's got a short fuse when it comes to his machines.
  • In-Series Nickname: He is known as "Engie" by the Soldier, Medic, and fellow Engineers. Scout calls him "hardhat".
  • Instrument of Murder: Engineer has the Frontier Justice's "Dischord" taunt, where he pulls out his guitar, plays a chord, and then smashes the area in front of him. If an enemy player is within range, they will get killed and the corpse of said enemy will have their head pounded into their chest.
  • Joke Character: In Medieval Mode, where he doesn't get any of his buildings, he's hopelessly underpowered compared to the other classes. Nobody plays as him except if they're trolling, and/or using the Gunslinger critical hit exploit.
  • Lamarck Was Right: His grandfather Radigan worked for BLU and was also a skilled engineer. It's also hinted that Engineer may, like his grandfather, have worked for Gray Mann.
  • Leitmotif: More Gun. Interestingly enough, he's the one playing it in Meet the Engineer.
  • Machine Empathy: Engineer is always aware of his deployables' state even without looking at his PDA. And he really, really cares about them.
  • Mad Scientist: If the goggles and the laugh doesn't give him away, the fact that he chopped a hand off For Science! surely does... and he still manages to be the sanest character on the team. But that's not saying much...
  • Mechanically Unusual Class: While he can deal a bit of damage, his primary purpose is to build gadgets which can teleport teammates across the map and replenish their ammo (as well as heal and deal damage). The other classes fight in a more direct manner.
  • More Dakka: "Use more gun."
  • Mr. Fixit
  • Nice Guy: Generally comes on as the nicest guys on the team, although that may be down to having less focus lately. Doesn't mean it's a good idea to get on his bad side.
  • No Experience Points for Medic: Averted. Excluding Sentry Guns (which are more than capable of wracking up kills), Engineers can score well from points gained every time a teammate uses a Teleporter as well as every 600 damage healed by a Dispenser.
  • Odd Friendship: The most down-to-earth guy on the team and the serial killing pyromaniac are best friends.
  • Omnidisciplinary Scientist: Subverted; he's got 11 PhDs, but they're all in various types of mechanical engineering, architecture, and the like. Except the 11th:
    "My 11th PHD is in Applied Ass-Kicking!"
  • Out of Focus: He was the last class to receive a weapon set, well over two years after weapon sets were introduced, and he didn't receive any new weapons in the Über Update. He is tied with the Medic for having the least amount of weapons out of all the classes. Admittedly, Valve has tried to design and implement some weapons for him, but the Engineer more so than any other class runs the risk of breaking the game in two if his weapons change too much.
    • Possibly lampshaded in the comics when, months after the team is fired, Miss Pauling says it's like he's fallen off the face of the earth.
  • Percussive Maintenance: Even the official Sentry gun manual notes that whacking devices with a wrench makes their deployment faster and repairs and upgrades them.
  • Perma-Stubble
  • Properly Paranoid: Veteran Engineers are constantly checking for Spies, whether by moving erratically, shooting at corners, or even at any approaching teammates. And for good reason, since they're the biggest target of Spies and one moment of inattentiveness could mean their life and nest.
  • Rockers Smash Guitars: The Engineer's Dischord kill taunt has him strumming his acoustic guitar, then smashing it, possibly on an enemy's head.
  • Scary Shiny Glasses: Uh, wow.
  • Shock and Awe: The Short Circuit gives him the power to attack with projectile-destroying lightningbolts
  • Shoot the Medic First:
    • He can repair his buildings with ease when alive, so he's a vital target. Especially when they're carrying a Sentry to redeploy.
    • On the other hand, Spies may target an Engineer's sentry before the Engineer himself to keep them from being killed while backstabbing the latter or just to draw the Engineer to them.
  • Shorter Means Smarter: He's the shortest member of the team.
  • The Smart Guy
  • Smoking Barrel Blowout: When taunting with his pistol or Wrangler.
  • Southern-Fried Genius: As his official bio puts it, he loves "barbeque, guns and higher education".
  • Squishy Tech Wizard: Alone, an Engineer is almost completely disadvantaged. With his sentry, he becomes a brick wall.
    • With the Frontier Justice, a sentry-less Engineer can be a very nasty Glass Cannon (a crit shotgun can deal up to 180 damage per shot, letting him One-Hit Kill anything weaker than a Soldier, and two hit kill anything weaker than an overhealed Heavy). Even more so with a Gunslinger; the most common plan with that is to drop a mini-sentry, rack up kills, then use the revenge crits with the Frontier Justice to wreck the enemy team.
    • The Pomson 6000 gives him a unique abilty: the power to drain ÜberCharges and Spy Cloaks. The former can severely cripple an enemy team, especially if the Engie manages to land multiple shots on the Medic. The latter combos well with the Southern Hospitality, resulting in the ability to efficiently Spycheck. Both effects come straight out of left field for an enemy who thinks the Engineer is only good for building stuff.
    • The Widowmaker uses metal for ammo but returns metal based on damage dealt, easily allowing accurate Engineers to continue firing their weapon indefinitely. Combine with Medic's uber for eight seconds of moving every enemy down.
  • Stone Wall: Sentries in general tend to be main contributions to long-term stalemates, as can Dispenser-camping Heavies, when placed in the right chokepoints.
  • Tranquil Fury
    • The Frontier Justice taps into this. No screaming rage, just a pithy one-liner as he prepares to take revenge for the destruction of his machines.
      "Y'all're about to have a real bad day..."
  • The Turret Master: His level 1 turret is rather unremarkable, but it builds quickly enough and does enough damage to shoo away enemy Scouts (which can't outrun its tracking, no matter what the Meet The Scout video shows). Level 2 puts out a whole lot more lead, and level 3 is where the turret really shines when it can shoot rockets and even more lead.
  • Un-Evil Laugh: He coughs during his Schadenfreude taunt.
  • Wicked Cultured: Dell, to Blutarch Mann's personal care attendant, regarding a painting in Blutarch's mansion: "Say, ain't that an original Kicasso?"
  • Wrench Whack: The melee weapon of the Engineer. It is used for hastening building, repairing, and upgrading the Engineer's buildings. Other uses include hurting people - and the wrench is good at it, hitting critically often because Sentries do a lot of damage - especially removing Spies and their sappers from the Engineer's guns' vicinity. Variants include the Southern Hospitality, implemented with a sharp piece of metal and a spiked handguard, which cause the hit enemy to bleed, the Jag, which hastens building even more but doesn't hurt as much, and the Eureka Effect, which can teleport the Engineer back to his base at the cost of half the upgrade rate.
  • You Have Researched Breathing: The "Texas Slim's Dome Shine" is basically Engineer without his hat.