Useful Notes: ToonBoom

ToonBoom is a digital animation software package produced by Canadian company ToonBoom Animation, Inc. ToonBoom, along with Adobe Flash, is the go-to software for modern-day 2D digital animators due to its low cost and potential shortcuts that are not offered with traditional ink-and-paint animation. ToonBoom is also fairly affordable for both professionals and amateurs alike. While Flash has been used more frequently for television/movie animation entertainment for years, it was actually built for interactive web design, thus making it a bit of a curve to create content for other areas, and ToonBoom software was developed to solve this by tailoring it to the creative cartoon animator's needs instead. They have capabilities that emulate an animator's drafting table, network nodes, built-in automated lip-syncing functions, built-in 3D modeling and intergration, and quality rendering directly from the program. They have separate programs for storyboarding, animating, entire production pipelines, and children's learning.

ToonBoom has bought over Cambridge Animation Systems, whose Animo software powered the United Kingdom's animation industry from the late 1980s to the early 2000s.

ToonBoom Animation Inc. is owned by Corus Entertainment, who also owns Nelvana. Hence it's not surprising that most of Nelvana's productions are done using this software.

Not to be confused with the Cartoon Bomb. Also not to be confused with Sonic Boom, which is called Sonic Toon in Japan.

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