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You Must Die is a Troper from Origin, and is a member of KNIVES (See This Troper's KNIVES Crest). He has a habit of making obscure references to things nobody around him knows about, and otherwise unintentionally insulting people's intelligence. Well, that's what THEY think. In reality, he's got a lot he complains about because Real Life has not been kind to him. Or his friends. Or his great-grandmother. Or his parents. Or anyone he's ever met, ever.

Tropes that apply to You Must Die:



No Sympathy (receiving end)

Lack of Empathy

What An Idiot (called this on TWO forums. Count 'em, two.)

The Gadfly (Maybe.)

GIFT (Inverted. I actually act like a BETTER person on the internet. What, then, does that say about me?)

Fan Boy: Order Of The Stick

Dethroning Monent Of Suck

Crowning Music of Awesome

Laser-Guided Karma

Sunglasses at Night

Goggles Do Nothing

Your Approval Fills Me with Shame

He Who Fights Monsters(against Strawman Political)

The Loonie (to some people)

Alternate Character Interpretation

You Cannot Grasp the True Form (of what I'm thinking)

This Troper is a member of Kalculated Naming Indifference Violent Enforcement Section

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