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Hello, I am The Bespectacled Nerd, a.k.a. Specs.

Me In A Nutshell: Female. 19 years old. Living in Illinois, USA (but I love Iowa more). Started college at age 16. Animal lover. Loner. Writer. Science, math, lit, music, history and language nerd. Jewish and pagan. Autistic. Pansexual. Middle sibling in a Big, Screwed-Up Family. And I love weapons.

I have a blog here.

All names used on this page have been changed to protect the innocent and the not-so-innocent.

    I Show Examples Of 
  • Abusive Parents: My mother would be of the physical and emotional variety. Both parents are neglectful.
  • Bilingual Dialogue: Carlotta will say something in Italian, and I'll respond in either Spanish or English.
    • I can understand when my mother or older sister speaks French, but can't speak it myself.
    • On occassion, just to mess with people, I'll respond in a language they don't understand.
  • Catch-Phrase: "Hos before bros."
  • Cunning Linguist: I speak English (first language), Spanish (other first language), German, Japanese, Swedish, Finnish, Gaelic, Mandarin, Yiddish, and Hebrew. I am learning Korean, Latin, Russian, Lakota, and Ancient Greek. All these languages (except for my first two) were learned for fun.
  • Ethical Slut
  • The Hecate Sisters: Depending on the group of friends, it's different.
    • In my pagan group, I'm the maiden, Xan is the mother, and El is the crone.
    • Among my True Companions, Gabe and Lana are the maidens (yes, Gabe is a boy & the maiden), I'm the mother, and Carlotta is the crone.
  • Irishman and a Jew: Part of my ethnic background on my mom's side. My parents, on the other hand, would be a Scot/Swede and a Jew.
  • Jewish and Nerdy
  • The Nose Knows: Being Autistic, I have heightened senses, and my sense of smell is one of my best, next to hearing. In fact it's so heightened that I can identify people based on scent alone (not their shampoo or perfume or anything, their actual scent).
  • Parental Neglect
  • TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Vocabulary
  • Vocal Tag Team: with Carlotta

    Other Tropes Present In My Life 
  • Animal Motifs: Some of my friends and I have characteristics that seem to match up with animals.
    • I've been described as very "cat-like." My personality most closely matches a wolverine, though (trickster; tiny, but fierce; protective; non-retreating).

    Tropes People Tend To Assume I'll Show Examples Of 
  • Maternally Challenged: People tend to assume that, either because I'm autistic or because I generally come off as "cold", I would suck as a parent. These people are later astounded by my ability to take care of kids, especially babies.
  • Sarcasm-Blind: Again, something people assume when they hear the word "autistic." The funny thing is that I often have to point out to my friends when I'm being sarcastic, since many of them still don't seem to understand that I really do get sarcasm.

    Tropes My Blog Shows Examples Of 
  • Shout-Out: All the reviews of books, movies, etc., are titled "Specs! In An Adventure with [relevant thing here]" in a shout out to Gideon DeFoe's pirate books.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: I definetly did not just shoehorn my music post into K-week because I already had my M-week posts written.

    A Few Of My Favorite Things 

    Fun! With! Vandalism!