Tropers / Ryuuma

  • Name
    • Shirokaze Ranmaru Ryuuma. Of course, my true name is shorter and not as nearly as good-sounding.
  • From:
    • Currently Turin, Italy.



  • Dislikes:
    • Twilight: No, just no.... Meyers, you may not be a biology major, but you're no writer either.
    • Naruto (Shippuden): Seriously, it started as good and could have become a great series, but I think Kishimoto is far too clumsy and not good enough to write a decent plot.
    • 8-Bit Theater: It's boring, tooks a lot of time to get to one demented joke to the other and is unfunny.
    • VG Cats: More or less the same as before. Ok, there are some good strips, but many of them (especially those against manga/anime) are tasteless.
    • Vegetables.

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