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Howdy, I'm Imojee and I use the word howdy in place of hello even though I have an American Neutral accent. Why? That's an excellent question.

I've been described before as a selfishly evil sociopathic bastard. I assure you, these claims are probably unfounded.

Me I'm a lover of comedy, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, and well basically anything if it's done well. Oh, and puns, oh how I love puns.

And you know what? I didn't like Pulp Fiction. There I said it. Everyone proclaims its one of the greatest films ever. But I just don't like it.

Quick things to know about me, I am: A guy, in college, double majoring, and mostly carnivorous.

Since this seems to be the thing to do on this site, here are some tropes I think describe me (work in progress):
     Tropes I think apply to ME 
  • Ambiguously Jewish: Enough so that I'm mistaken for Jewish by actual Jews.
  • Badass Longhair: My hair is longer than yours, and I earned the badass title.
  • Berserk Button: People who call me anorexic have a high chance of me eating their still beating heart.
  • Crazy-Prepared
  • Evil Eyebrows: Just a bit, but noticeable.
  • Evil Laugh: Always scares/creeps the shit out of people. Sadly it was evil sounding enough that past friends and girlfriends have asked me to never laugh around them.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Without seeing me and hearing only my voice, guesses tend to place my age in the range of "40 to a billion". I can only assume that by that age I will be speaking in something akin to whale song.
  • The Illegible: All my letters tend to look the same, my hand writing has been described as "Babylonian cuneiform" and teachers/professors have begged me to never ever write anything by hand ever again.
  • The Insomniac: The only thing keeping me from never sleeping is an unfortunate biological need for sleep.
  • Knife Nut: I carry Ol' Stabby with me anywhere its legal to, and have knives stashed everywhere around here.
  • Friendless Background: Been changing slightly recently.
  • First-Name Basis: Prefer calling people by first names.
  • Looks Like Jesus: I've had people stop me as I'm walking to let me know that I look like Jesus. Growing the facial hair required to perpetuate this, just for the hell of it.
  • Nice Hat: Never leave home without it now a days. (And no I don't suffer from Limited Wardrobe, I have several hats)
  • No Sense of Personal Space
  • Noodle People: Common reactions to seeing me are to offer me food.
  • Real Men Eat Meat: Except I have to for my diet, plenty of it.
  • Slasher Smile: There's a reason I don't show teeth much when I smile (an already rare occasion), this is that reason.
  • So You Want to Live Forever: Why yes, I do.
  • Stroke the Beard: Been known to do so.
  • ‹bermensch: Me in a nutshell, also related to...
  • The Unfettered: Which also applies to me.
     Tropes you think apply to me and general comments 
Empty folder is empty. Make it not empty.
  • Seme - Maybe het version. Don't know you enough, but you said you were dominant on Fetishes forum so... -Darkclaw
    • Yeah I'm the het version.
  • Noble Demon - If you're so evil, why do you help people on Insecurities? :P -Milos Stefanovic
    • It involves a plot twist.