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I don't really think that anyone's looking at this... but perhaps you are. Hello! Why you would be here is another question, but here I've just collected a bunch of works and tropes, mainly for my own amusement (but also as a bunch of redlinks that I can refer back to if I'm really bored). By the way, I'm from Edinburgh, I'm 22, and gay. And I have a degree in linguistics. That's about all you really need to know for the moment...

Works that I like include:

Tropes that might apply to me:

Things I first noticed or found via TV Tropes:

See TV Tropes as a Gateway Drug for these.

Ongoing works that I follow (mostly webcomics):

Pages I started/wrote the description for include:

Following are the works that I have watched/played/read in 2008-2010 (in rough chronological order, latest at the bottom, except that 2010 is on top, as it were) — a (very long!) list that I may use as a personal redlink reference page. By no means are they necessarily recommended; there is a lot of shit in there too.



This year was quite special because I watched one film every day. Or, technically, one film per day, since I was in other countries for significant portions of the year. But here is the full list; it's actually 367 in total, one extra. Enjoy. I must have read books and stuff during this year; I haven't recorded them, however.
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