Trivia: WWE

  • Channel Hop:
    • Raw went from the USA Network to TNN/Spike TV (2000-2005), and back to USA.
    • SmackDown! went from UPN to The CW, then to MyNetworkTV, then to Syfy.
    • Saturday Night's Main Event went from NBC to Fox, and was revived on NBC. Incidentally, Hulk Hogans Rock N Wrestling, which WWE co-produced with was on NBC rival CBS.
    • NXT went from SyFy to WWE.com to Hulu and WWE Network.
  • Friday Night Death Slot: Averted, when UPN moved SmackDown! to Friday nights, and again, when it switched to MyNetworkTV, the WWE aggressively promoted the show, and it more or less retained their audience.
  • Lying Creator
    • Buddy Rogers became the first WWWF Champion by winning a tournament in Brazil!
    • Wrestlemania three had 93,173 people attend it.
    • The Rock This Is Your Life! Highest Rated Monday Night Raw segment ever! (Austin vs Taker on Raw Is War 318 did higher)
    • John Cena vs Daniel Bryan, first time ever!
  • Recycled Script: WWE loves twitter and loves twitter the most when something about their show is trending on it, especially if its Monday Night Raw. They failed to notice, or perhaps realize the importance of, the fact Claire Lynch was trending when Stephanie McMahon introduced "Daniel Bryan's therapist". Though it seems to be a Compressed Adaptation.
  • Saved from Development Hell: The WWE Network was originally set for an 2011 debut date and was heavy pushed as such, but for various reason, they didn't manage to get it off the ground. It wasn't until 2014 that the Network finally debuted.
  • Screwed by the Network: Happened to WWE Saturday Morning Slam, as The CW wanted to change the format of the show to a WWE news magazine rather than the taped matches that the company wanted. WWE didn't want the change, and thus canceled the show.
  • Too Soon: The Muhammad Hassan angle on SmackDown and Who Killed Mr. McMahon? Although both were more of "too early" examples. The first was filmed before the July 7th bombings, it was only aired after them. The latter angle was actually stopped because of another incident to which the WWE performed this trope: the Chris Benoit double murder-suicide. When the news first broke of the tragedy (before anyone became aware of the circumstances involving the deaths), the WWE dedicated the episode (filmed in an empty arena) to the life and career of Benoit. However, the very next day, it was made known that Benoit killed his son and wife before killing himself, and thus, on the ECW show, McMahon mentioned that Benoit's name wouldn't be mentioned at all on that show, and that the wrestlers would "do what they do best. Entertain you!" Interesting to note that the WWE has yet to acknowledge Benoit's existence since that night, to mixed reaction, and made a literal Hand Wave of his matches and appearances in their back library since then.
  • What Could Have Been: With arcs getting aborted mid through, either due to injury of one of the wrestlers involved, lack of reaction or other issues there are some things you really wanted to see happen after reading the plans.