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Tear Jerker: WWE
  • WWF The Main Event, from 1989 and featuring the Mega Powers vs. Twin Towers match (where Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage split up and Savage turns heel) the segment with Elizabeth getting knocked unconscious was intended as a tearjerker, playing up the uncertainty of Elizabeth's condition when Hogan became distraught and feared that she had (practically) died from her "injuries," caused when Savage was thrown onto her by Akeem. The drama continued as Elizabeth had not yet regained consciousness when the network cut to a commercial (and local stations took their bottom-of-the-hour ad breaks). Instead, this turned into a moment of Narm, due to some poor acting by Hogan and Elizabeth's "miraculous" recovery.
  • In 1990, to build up the Hulk Hogan-Earthquake feud, a week after Hogan was (in Kayfabe) severely injured by Earthquake in a sneak attack, a video showcasing Hogan's 1984-1990 WWF career, followed by the sneak attack and then a locker door (with Hogan's T-shirt) closing was played on the WWF's syndicated programs and WWF Prime Time Wrestling. At the end, "Mean" Gene Okerlund got very emotional and was in near tears as the segment came to a close.
  • The tribute RAW for Owen Hart, and tribute RAW and SmackDown for Eddie Guerrero.
    • The one for Chris Benoit? Not so much. It was a massive the time.
    • The intended "tribute" for Vince McMahon, whose character was (supposedly) killed when he was trapped inside a limousine that suddenly burst into flames. This was scrapped during the (now ill-advised) tribute show to Benoit.
  • The Raw is Owen tribute show, shortly after Owen Hart's death in 1999. Many of the then-current WWF superstars gave emotional out-of-character tributes to Hart, who tragically (and needlessly) died at the young age of 33.
  • Many former prominent WWF superstars whose passing was announced on a TV show. WWE Raw will sometimes air well-done tributes to former stars, with vintage video clips and a voiceover highlighting career accomplishments, set to light piano music. If the passed superstar was especially prominent, a current star may be asked to comment. Sometimes, the tearjerker moment sets in during the ten-bell salute.
  • Edge's retirement.
  • Jerry Lawler suffering a heart attack during Raw. He survived thankfully, but hearing Michael Cole report what happened was absolutely heartbreaking.
  • There really isn't a proper way to phrase this as the timing is just so horribly perfect however this promo from The Ultimate Warrior was made the day after WrestleMania XXX and two days after he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Warrior died the very next day on April 8, 2014.
    • This tribute to a young wrestling fan who passed away of cancer shortly after Wrestlemania XXX is sure to get the tears flowing too.
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