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Fridge: The Shield

The TV Series

Fridge Horror
  • Ronnie Gardocki's final fate in The Shield: granted, he was a willing participant in police corruption, but his culpability pales in comparison to Vic and Shane's actions. Especially since, under California's laws for death penalty cases, Ronnie can (in theory) be executed for the murder of Terry Crowly, even though Vic and Shane BOTH went out of their ways to make damn sure Ronnie wasn't allowed in the planning out and execution of the murder.
    • Isn't it also possible that Vic will have to testify against Ronnie, providing more detail into certain things he mentioned on the tape? I mean, it's not like there's a whole lot of actual evidence for Ronnie's involvement in these actions besides what Vic said on the tape. Ronnie wasn't making mistakes like Vic/Shane, so he'll probably try to anchor himself to a lawyer. That means if the prosecution REALLY wants to make sure cases stick to him, they might have to use Vic.

WWE's The Shield

Fridge Brilliance
  • The military-style jackets each Shield member wears reflects their personality in some way. Seth Rollins wears a parachute jacket, because he's the high-flyer. Roman Reigns wears a bulletproof-vest, because he's the powerhouse. And Dean Ambrose wears a flak jacket, perhaps hinting he's the leader/brains behind the outfit.
    • Ambrose ditching most of his protective gear shows elements of his Ax-Crazy, devil-may-care attitude.
  • They've been wearing pretty cool looking face masks since Wrestlemania 30. Maybe it has something to do with them turning Face?
  • Many complain about the fact that Ambrose didn't defend his US title nearly enough during his reign. But remember, they were part of The Authority since roughly August 2013 until April 2014. The Authority have protected them. The only reason why Rollins and Reigns lost their titles was because Cody Rhodes and Goldust was put in match against them with the title on the line. It was suppose to be a punishment for the Rhodes brothers with the titles dangling in front of them like a "Ha, you can't have this." This was the stated reason, by Triple H, for a 20 man Battle Royal which ended Ambrose's reign when Sheamus won by lastly eliminating Ambrose. Also, Genre Savvy talents would know that, even if they managed to get a match against Ambrose, the other two would interfere and either cost them the match directly or attack and get the challenger D Qed - which, of course, means that Ambrose would keep his title unless someone with booking power specifically stated that Ambrose could lose it by DQ.
  • The Shield attacked Kane, instead of following his orders to attack Jerry Lawler. When questioned, Seth Rollins said they did what was "Best for Business" - Considering Kane wanted them to attack a 63 year old heartattack victim in a gang beat down, they did exactly what they said; if they had gone through with it, the board of directors wouldn't be happy & the sponsors would be pissed. And on a meta level, a full Heel-Face Turn for the Shield at their hottest point would spawn another viable line of merchandising for the company, which would literally be best for business.
  • Even though WWE will not use this explanation, given its adoration of the three month rule, there is a logical reason for Seth Rollins breaking up the Shield. Remember, the group's original purpose was the keep the WWE Universe from getting what it wanted. If Seth Rollins is indeed the architect of The Shield, it would make sense for him to break away from it when the fans got firmly behind the group.

Fridge Horror
  • It's been said that backstage officials are looking at Reigns and Ambrose as the next top face and heel respectively. Which would mean, in effect, Reigns is meant to be the next John Cena. Ambrose was always a little bit crazy and unorthodox, but the betrayal by Seth Rollins seems to have well and truly snapped him. His threats against Rollins the next time he speaks are some of the more dark and sinister things you'll ever hear come out of the mouth of a face, and (just as Rollins predicted) the cracks in his already thin veneer of sanity are starting to show. The overall story bears alarming similarity to another guy who snapped due to a betrayal and went on to become a psychotic villain...
  • What if (speaking strictly on a Kayfabe level, of course) The Shield's merciless beatdown of The Undertaker almost a month after Wrestlemania 29, led directly to his not being as recovered as he would normally be for his match with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30...?
  • Dean Ambrose has shown obvious effects from Seth Rollins' betrayal of the Shield. Curiously enough, though, Roman Reigns keeps plugging away as he always has, with more or less the same outfit, same ring entrance, same (read: The Shield's) entrance music, and same objectives. Of course, Roman's depicted as calm and collected and Ambrose is... well, a bit off, and has had problems with Rollins in the past, so these respective reactions should be expected, right? But what if Reigns is holding more tightly to his routine not as a show of his own strength, but as a coping mechanism against the emotional trauma of being betrayed by a guy he thought was his best friend?

Fridge Logic
  • Considering he wants to revenge on Rollins in the worst way possible, why doesn't Ambrose just wait until after Seth cashes in and then attack him or the champion, causing a DQ and costing Rollins his only "golden ticket" at a WWE World title?
    • Speaking from a meta viewpoint, that's way too easy. The running plot with Ambrose stopping Rollins from cashing in at all is much better for business; that being said, having Ambrose permanently cost Rollins the briefcase would be a great way to end the plot.
    • Because it'll be that much more humiliating if, instead of being the third man to fail in his cash in attempt, Seth were to be the first man to never actually cash in the briefcase. On top of that, causing a DQ in the cash in means he gets to screw with Seth once, constantly stopping him from handing the briefcase over means he gets to do it every week.
    • Because Ambrose is Genre Savvy and knows that The Authority could simply reverse the referee's decision if he did something like that - or better yet, be at ringside with Rollins to ensure such a thing doesn't happen.

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