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Trivia: Totally Spies!
  • Acting for Two: Sam's voice actress Jennifer Hale also voices several other characters including Mandy, leading to plenty of instances of Talking To Herself.
  • Bleached Underpants: The theme song is an edited version of "Here We Go" by Girls Aloud with some lyrics changed to suit the show. The original is kind of risque...which might explain Cartoon Network airing a instrumental version as a theme, as to avoid children looking up the full song...
  • Channel Hop: Started off on ABC Family for its first season, then showed up out of the blue on Cartoon Network for the rest of the series.
  • Dueling Shows: Started around the time Kim Possible did.
  • Fake Brit: Jerry's first voice actor.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!
  • International Coproduction
  • Name's the Same: Go ahead, ignore Jerry's middle name.
  • No Export for You
    • The fifth season has aired just about everywhere but the USA.
      • They did air it here. Unfortunately it was over that one summer, and they haven't shown it again since
    • So far, The Movie doesn't seem to have aired in Canada. And we don't get the first season anymore, only the Undercover seasons, as far as this troper knows.
    • Rectified a bit when the fifth season and movie finally aired on Cartoon Network in the USA in the spring of 2010. Still seems to be scarcely appearing in other territories, though.
  • The Other Darrin: To put it simply, the English dub switched from American voice actors in the first two seasons to Canadian for the rest of the dub. Clover and Sam's original actresses were retained for the entire series, though, and Word of God has said that they wanted to retain Alex's voice as well.
  • Talking to Herself
    • Both Sam and Mandy are voiced by Jennifer Hale.
      • Mandy's lackeys are voiced by the same women who voiced Clover and Alex as well.
    • In the French version, it's Alex and Mandy who share the same voice.

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