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Awesome: Totally Spies!
  • Jerry. Good god Jerry. He actually has several of these, which include:
    • One where, in response to WOOHP being invaded, he runs down a skyscraper, jumps into a helicopter, and beats up the villain pilot.
    • One where he fends off all three of the (at the time brainwashed) Spies using a cafeteria tray.
    • And other where he fights and BEATS a brainwashed Sam on while on top of power lines.
    • How about catching the villain of the week in the episode 'First Brat' with a fishing rod after having had the worst luck for hours?
  • Villain Yin Yang gets one where he, an aging Yoga master takes on all three spies and wins in epic fashion.
  • Violet Vanderfleet also gets one where the spies invade her helicopter's cockpit and she dodges all of their attacks in rapid succession while standing still, and then proceeds to lay out the girls in ONE HIT.
  • For Sam, Alex, and Clover it's in the movie when they avoided being spotted by their principal Mrs. Strich Walk Like an Egyptian style.
  • The crossover with Martin Mystery is one in of itself, especially when the big battle features Alex and Martin facing off with snowboarding yetis.
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