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Trivia: Starship Troopers

The Franchise in general:


  • Dawson Casting: Casper Van Dien, Patrick Muldoon and Dina Meyer were twenty-nine playing high school graduates, Denise Richards was 26, and the other "high schoolers" weren't much younger.
  • Fan Nickname: For Neil Patrick Harris' character — "Doogie Howser, SS".
  • Image Source: This film provides the page image for:
  • Recycled Script: This film was originally to be an Aliens ripoff called "Bug Hunt", then Verhoeven got the rights to the Heinlein story. Many wept that day.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Who woulda thought Barney Stinson was a great Military Strategist that gets promoted to Colonel.
    • Hank Schrader is the commander of the Mobile Infantry boot camp.
    • Amy Smart is one of Carmen's fellow pilots.
  • Prop Recycling:
    • Power Rangers, Firefly — the armor from this movie has shown up everywhere. After getting passed around Hollywood for years several of the suits were eventually sold for use in the third movie, making this a weird circular trope.
    • The USM Auriga in Alien: Resurrection appears to have been made from a modified model of the Rodger Young, or one of its sister ships.
  • Working Title: Bug Hunt, an unrelated script that was later changed into an adaptation of the novel.

The book:

  • Science Marches On: The planet where life doesn't evolve because it doesn't get enough mutation-causing radiation. We now know that even with zero radiation, the enzymes that replicate DNA still make mistakes sometimes.

CGI Series:

2005 First Person Shooter:

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