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Anime: Starship Troopers

In 1988, the anime studio Sunrise produced an unauthorized 6-episode Starship Troopers OVA.

No relation to Starship Troopers: Invasion other than it being made by a Japanese studio, and based on the same source material.

Tropes seen in this version:

  • Fatal Family Photo: Well... more of Fatal Girlfriend Photo. Greg becomes victim to one, leaving Rico to deliver his note to his girlfriend upon returning to earth from training... only to find out that she has moved on since his death. Averted with Pat, whose girlfriend breaks up with him, causing him to tear up her photo in anger. Inverted with Rico himself, after Carmen gives him a photo of herself. The ship she is assigned to for a training mission is destroyed by the bugs. This is subverted when after Operation: Bughouse, it is revealed that Carmen was able to get away with an escape pod.
  • Gecko Ending
  • Phenotype Stereotype: Juan Rico becomes a blonde, blue-eyed Nordic European.
  • Powered Armor
  • Race Lift: Rico was Filipino in the book; here he's blonde and white.

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