Trivia / Starship Troopers: Invasion

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  • Reality Subtext: The two characters that were romantically engaged in the movie, Trig and Bugspray, were played by actors who were engaged to be married in reality. The Producers didn't realize this at the time.
  • Tuckerization: The ship that most of the plot takes place on, the John A. Warden, is named in honor of Colonel John A. Warden III, USAF, (Ret), the officer credited with developing the Coalition's air warfare strategy in Desert Storm, and an off-and-on creative collaborator with Edward Neumeier.
    • Fun trivia: Colonel Warden developed a battle doctrine known as "Warden's Five Rings". Each ring represents a layer of a country's military capability (Leadership, Organic/System Essentials, Infrastructure, Population, and finally the Fielded Military Forces). In an all-out war, Warden's doctrine dictated that you identify and strike as many of the five rings as you effectively can simultaneously, ideally dismantling an enemy's war machine in one blow.