Trivia / Persona 2

  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Surprisingly, Jun in the English version. In the Japanese Innocent Sin, he is given a very deep but reserved voice. When a replica of Jun is faced as a boss in Eternal Punishment, he is given the voice of a young girl in the English dub.
  • Fan Translation: Innocent Sin got one a few years prior to its Updated Re-release, and not only was Atlus aware of it, they gave it props for quality and accuracy.
  • Network to the Rescue: Since the remake of Eternal Punishment was not going to be localized, Sony instead decided to release the original PS1 version on PSN for those who wanted to play it.
  • No Export for You: The original release of Innocent Sin was never released outside of Japan, whilst Eternal Punishment was also released in America. The Innocent Sin remake for PSP was released worldwide, but the Eternal Punishment remake has not been released outside of Japan, making it the only Persona game never to receive a release in Europe in some capacity.