Quotes / Persona 2


Worse than alone / Exiled.
Worse than exiled / Dead.
Worse than dead / Forgotten.
—Maya Amano, quoting Le Calmant by Marie Laurencin

"Your powers... are hidden deep within your heart... Like a god or devil, it is "another self"... Like a god, filled with love... Like a demon, merciless... Humans... go through life with many faces... Your current appearance is just another face... And so is your Persona... one of many..."
—Philemon, explaining the concept of Personas.

The seven Pleiades set the frozen time free
Wild dance, shadowed festival, foreign song ensue
As flames of expiation light the heavens
The lion's roar echoes far and wide
Five skulls glow in the depths of the earth
The holy cross shines high up in the sky
Once the star comes to a complete halt
The Maia Maiden's heart stops with it
What then remains is paradise on earth
Marking the end and a new beginning
"The Oracle of Maia" note 


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    Der Doppelgänger 
The night is still, the streets are quiet,
In this house lived my Love;
She left the town long before,
Yet her house is still standing in the same place.
There I also see a man standing and staring into the heavens,
Wringing his hands in violent grief.
I shudder when I behold his face;
The moon reveals to me my own likeness.
You Doppelgänger, you pale companion!
Why do you mimic my love sickness,
That tormented me at this place
For so many nights in the past?
—"Der Doppelgänger", opening text of Innocent Sin (PSX)

    Unbreakable Tie 
Really gotta keep it going, going
Deep down, yeah, knowing, knowing
What's gonna happen next? Don't know
Can't keep my eyes closed, man it's gone
Looked everywhere for my identity
Hooked everywhere, did I belong to an entity?
I don't know, where have I gone wrong?
Wanna try me, but you only got hate
Only interested in my fate
And insincerity's not my way
Any interference, dodge them away
Let there be light
In the dark night
Gotta get it back, it's time I get it back
I wanna bring it back to the good old days

Times I get sick and tired of the whole situation
But I'll never let them hold me down
Cause I know I got faith and courage to go on now

Both moonlight shines
And sun shines down on us
Two is one and I can't lie no more, oh
I can't heal
If I keep on running away
from my own fate...
—Unbreakable Tie, opening theme of Innocent Sin (PSP)