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Trivia: *NSYNC

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  • Artist Disillusionment: JC's incredibly rocky experience as a solo artist is likely the reason he now stays behind the scenes and prefers producing.
  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: Lance admits that he likes hopping from project to project because he likes to try new ideas, it gives him something to do outside of just music, and because he dislikes staying still. Hell, he's got six job titles listed on his Twitter profile.
  • Career Resurrection: While it remains to be seen if JC will resume his solo career, the 2013 reunion did lead to renewed interest in him and he landed a producing gig for Blues Traveler and a guest appearance on Smokey Robinson's duets album. He was also going to play the role of Pontius Pilate in the revived touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar before it was sadly cancelled.
  • Defictionalization: In the "It's Gonna Be Me" video, the band were marionette dolls. They subsequently released marionette versions of themselves with the same packaging seen in the video, but with different clothing.
  • Deleted Scene: The DVD release of Live from Madison Square Garden skips over the group's entrance in which they descend from the ceiling, most likely due to the usage of "I've Got No Strings" from Pinocchio. The PopOdyssey Tour DVD meanwhile skips over a short video of the band's history presented at the beginning of the concert as well as a comedic striptease performed by Chris after "Space Cowboy".
  • Development Hell:
    • Just before their hiatus/breakup, they had filmed a few of the shows on their 2002 Celebrity tour with the intent of releasing it on DVD like the No Strings Attached and PopOdyssey tours. It's been over 10 years and that footage has still yet to see the light of day. Lance claims it's still in the works, but he could just be trying to be diplomatic. The official statement was that the footage and/or sound was unusable, but a portion of the fandom, however, have theorized the reason it's never been released may be due to an extended Beatles/Temptations medley that takes place midway through the show; they likely were unable clear the music rights for a home video release.
    • JC's second solo album has been permanently shelved, due to Executive Meddling and then the record label closing down.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • Before getting signed to BMG Germany, the record label wanted to change their name (due to it being difficult for German people to pronounce) and to kick Lance out of the group (due to his inablity to dance). The guys fought back and BMG eventually relented on both counts.
    • This is also the reason JC's solo career was incredibly rocky and delays regarding his second album caused him to leave the label. When he decided to put Schizophrenic up for free streaming on Soundcloud, it was immediately yanked by the record label and put up on Spotify instead.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • The girl at the beginning of the "Pop" video is the Crossroads Demon.
    • Freya Beauchamp was one of their dancers during this performance of "Girlfriend". (She's the one dancing with Justin.)
    • Amber dated Joey in the "I Drive Myself Crazy" video.
  • Fan Nickname: A few.
    • Joey is called The Fat/Phat One, a play on his name and a reference to him being larger than the other members.
    • Lance was sometimes called "Lanth", based on a very excited fan with a lisp that popped up on *N The Mix. Fans also referred to his, err, less than stellar dancing skills as the "Lance Dance".
    • JC was affectionately nicknamed "Crackhead", due to his high energy stage presence, and "Kitten", in reference to his lazy and affectionate demeanor off stage.
    • Justin was nicknamed Baby J, JuJu, and Juppy, the last one coming out of a chat mixup. Fans also dubbed him "Ramenhead" because his bleached hair resembled the food.
    • Fans had quite a few nicknames just for Chris.
      • Pineapple Head, or simply Pineapple, was a common one during his braids phase.
      • Critter was a play on his name and his rather intense appearance.
      • Shorty and Littlefoot were references to his small stature and shoe size (at least compared to the other guys).
      • Elf, Hobbit, Pixie, Leprechaun, etc. were also really common, in reference to, again, his height but also his pointy looking ears.
      • Fans even had a nickname for his butt - The FKA (Fine Kirkpatrick Ass).
    • The group as a whole were commonly dubbed "puppies", the term originating from a popular fanfic series and referring to guys' playful and rambunctious natures and their apparent disregard for each others' personal space. Not helped by the fact that one of their photo shoots had them hold actual puppies.
    • And finally, Sparkly Dance Boys (SDB), inspired by their preference towards theatrical stage choreography and flamboyant costuming.
    • Fans also took to calling different "eras" some variation of ____!Sync, e.g. their time in Europe was typically called Baby!Sync or Euro!Sync, their time promoting Celebrity was called Celebrity!Sync, the hiatus was called Hiatus!Sync, etc.
  • Fan Community Nickname: Lance, for some reason, has dubbed his radio show listeners and guests "peanuts".
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Outside a couple "Making of" and tour DVDs, there isn't much NSYNC footage available through official or legal means. In the case of the Celebrity Tour mentioned above, bootlegs are pretty much a fan's only access to it. YouTube is a treasure trove of old videos, especially for TV appearances made outside one's home country. In addition, there is a website still up and running that has been dedicated to selling old or rare NSYNC footage for the last 13 years.
  • Meme Acknowledgment: Lance and Joey have acknowledged the "It's Gonna Be MAY" meme that pops up every April 30 on their Twitter accounts and Lance's Facebook page. Justin's probably sick of it by now.
  • No Export for You: Oddly, a good portion of their catalog never saw any official US releases. Non-American editions of their albums typically have one or two songs that were cut from the US release and several of their singles were exclusive to Europe, many containing rare b-sides and remixes not found anywhere else.
    • While it's no surprise singles like "Here We Go" or "Together Again" never made it stateside, as they were released before they debuted in the US, "U Drive Me Crazy" and "I'll Never Stop" were notable for being European exclusives released after they'd made it big in their home country.
  • Old Shame:
    • Zig-zagged with Justin as while he prefers to not talk about his boy band days now, he does acknowledge that *NSYNC played a pivotal part in his life and that he wouldn't be where he is today without them.
    • Song wise, they all hated a song called "Riddle" from their European debut album. Chris mentioned that if they didn't like a song or demo they recorded, they would compare it to "Riddle" as a litmus test.
  • One of Us:
    • Joey is a die-hard Superman fan, and he's been spotted regularly hanging out at Disney World and Disneyland events with his kids.
    • They're die-hard Star Wars fans and one of their early American public appearances was at a toy store where they played around with Star Wars toys.
      • Joey's brother Steve photoshopped the band onto a Star Wars poster as a joke in response to fanboy outrage over the band's (deleted) cameo in Attack of the Clones.
      • One of their early American radio performances had them come out on stage to the Imperial March in white jumpsuits and black helmets resembling storm troopers.
      • Coincidentally, Lance's birthday happens to be May 4th, the unofficial Star Wars day. It's something he's quite proud of.
      • JC has recently confirmed that their alleged background cameo in Attack of the Clones is half true, while Chris and Joey had previously elaborated on the story. The idea for the cameo came up when they were doing the sound mixing for their PopOdyssey Live DVD at Skywalker Ranch. There they met George Lucas, whose daughters were big fans of the group. Chris, JC, and Joey filmed a small background cameo appearance but were ultimately cut out during post-production.
      • Joey further elaborated that the main reason that the cameo was cut was to avoid legal wrangling with the Screen Actor's Guild.
      • JC actually named one of his pet fish after Darth Vader.
    • They're big sports fans with Justin being passionate over basketball, Chris for the Pittsburgh Steelers, JC loves football, and Lance loves baseball and football. Justin and Chris also share a mutual love of golf. Joey is a fan of distance running and horse racing.
    • They love videogames and at one of their Challenge For The Children charity events, they had a tent specifically set up for playing video games to unwind.
      • Hell, the theme from Pac-Man is sampled on "The Game Is Over" and the live performance had the boys battling an evil wizard while decked out in battle gear.
      • Justin allegedly had a custom gaming station built in his house specifically to play Halo.
    • On their No Strings Attached concert special, the video interlude before "Just Got Paid" includes a Shout-Out to Mystery Science Theater 3000 and a modified MTV logo to look like NTV.
    • They've stated that as a group, one of their greatest achievements was making cameos on The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live.
    • Lance's Halloween costumes have referenced Theres Something About Mary, Wilfred, and Wayne's World. He even went as DJ Lance Rock one time. He also has a Donna Meagle keychain.
    • Lance is a big fan of reality TV, especially the Real Housewives and Big Brother franchises. He also created his own reality show, where an appraisal expert helps famous people go through their belongings and helps them auction them off for a charity that the celebrity supports.
    • Justin and Chris managed to get themselves in a background cameo in an issue of Wolverine during the Bloodsport event.
  • The Pete Best: Early on in the group's history, NSYNC's bass vocalist was a guy named Jason Galasso. He ended up dropping out right before a live showcase that was to be recorded and sent out to record labels alongside their demo tape, apparently unhappy with the direction the group was heading (read: Boy Band). After some scrambling, they recruited Lance through Justin's vocal coach and the rest is history.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: Nearly every pairing utilizes this naming method. Fanlore actually credits the Popslash fandom for the popularization of the name smush.
    • Joshtin or JuC (Justin/JC), TimberTrick (Justin/Chris), TimberTone (Justin/Joey), Bassez (JC/Lance), TrickC or JCK (JC/Chris), JoeC (JC/Joey), Choey (Chris/Joey), JoLa (Joey/Lance)
  • Real Person Fic: The RPF fandom for them and Backstreet Boys were huge. The fanbases are largely credited with jumpstarting the idea of using LiveJournal as a fandom platform, especially since the website picked up most of its steam from around the time both groups were popular. Fanlore even credits the fandom for planting the seeds for many of today's common fandom practices.
  • Real-Life Relative:
    • Chris's girlfriend in the "I Drive Myself Crazy" video was his real-life girlfriend Danielle at the time. She's even cuddling his dog in the video.
    • The beautiful psychiatrist attending to JC and Joey in the same video was JC's then real-life girlfriend Bobbie. She and Britney would actually appear at random tour dates checking off the guest list during "Just Got Paid".
  • Reunion Show: During the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, the group reunited on stage.
    • And just before that, they now have an official Twitter account as a band. So, is a full reunion outside of the VMA's in the works? We'll just have to wait and see.
  • Short-Lived Big Impact: While they were only popular in the American music landscape for roughly five years, with only three proper albums released, they did set the two fastest first week sales records in the United States and launched Justin's successful solo career. They were also acknowledged by the AV Club as being far ahead of the pop game for their time, and along with Backstreet Boys, remain one of the benchmarks that future teen idols hope to emulate.
    • Their elaborately choreographed performing style is allegedly the major influence on how Korean and Japanese boy bands performed as well being one of the codifiers of the boy band that sang and danced.
    • Fandomwise, the RPF fandom that spawned around them and Backstreet Boys are cited in Fanlore as existing briefly for about three years, but it spearheaded much of today's common fandom experiences and were early adopters of torrents and filesharing thanks to the above Keep Circulating the Tapes.
  • Throw It In:
    • Joey slipped and slid into a wall during the filming of the "Bye, Bye, Bye" video and they decided to keep it in the final cut.
    • During the filming of "It's Gonna Be Me", the guys were supposed to rappel off the edge of the shelf above their toy boxes. Joey misses the shelf and instead bumps into it with his butt and that was left in as well.

Interesting Facts

  • On the supposed big feud with the Backstreet Boys, they weren't personal rivals. You might be surprised, if you were (or still are) one of those fans who were pretty hardcore on the Fandom Rivalry. They had a Friendly Rivalry and are definitely friends...not that it stopped Justin from joking that Backstreet just didn't stand a chance after No Strings Attached was released.
    • Howie and Chris attended Valencia Community College together.
    • Chris allegedly auditioned for Backstreet, but was rejected by the management in favor of Howie. He was told that if he started his own group, the management would fund them as well.
    • Backstreet were the original performers booked for the Disney concert, but were forced to decline due to Brian undergoing surgery. *NSYNC stepped in, and the rest is history.
    • Heck, JC even gave BSB a helping hand on their album, Unbreakable. He also wrote and produced "Teenage Wildlife" for AJ's own solo album.
    • Lance and his fiance have attended Backstreet shows, and Lance once surprised AJ on a music discussion show where they poked fun at each other. Also this Instagram exchange.
    • Nick has since joked that after watching the VMA reunion, he wished it was longer so they could re-ignite their Friendly Rivalry for fun and nostalgia's sake.
    Nick: There was a part of me deep down inside that was almost disappointed. I'm like, bring back the rivalry. Let's do an *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys tour. Bring it on.
    • On their 1997 For The Girl tour, they covered "Quit Playing Games With My Heart".
    • AJ and Nick danced to "Tearin' Up My Heart".
    • At the 2001 Teen Choice Awards, the boys were seen offering hugs and support to Nick, who was the only member of BSB in attendance, after it was announced that AJ was in rehab for addiction.
    • Chris and Joey were at spotted at a karaoke bar singing "I Want It That Way".
    • During a charity basketball game in Germany in 1997, the two groups were on opposing teams, so Lance was traded for AJ. (Hilariously enough, they're both admittedly the worst at the sport.)
  • They nearly missed out on recording "Bye, Bye, Bye" because it was initially offered to the British boy band 5ive, who rejected it, and the rest is history.
  • The photographer behind their American debut album and American video of "I Want You Back" revealed that on the orders of the label to make them look cool, he suggested that Justin play up his Pretty Fly for a White Guy image and Lance bleach his hair and adopt a Surfer Dude image in order to tell the difference between the two of them since they were both blond and the youngest members of the group. Chris's infamous dreads and goggles were also the photographer's idea, which both the label and Chris embraced.
  • The music video for "Gone" was one of the last music videos directed by famed fashion photographer Herb Ritts before his death.
  • The guys would regularly don custom jerseys for the celebrity basketball game of their Challenge for the Children charity event.
    • Chris, Lance, Joey, and Justin would always wear the same jersey number: Chris was 7 (lucky number), Lance was 4 (birthdate), Joey was 28 (birthdate), and Justin was 1 1/2 (in reference to Penny Hardaway). JC, meanwhile, seemed to pick any old number (22, 21, 11, 17, 28).
    • Chris' jersey name was always Tricky.
    • Lance had no cute nicknames; his jerseys would read "Lance" or "Bass".
    • JC's jersey names were Shazam, J Sizzle, or just J.C.
    • Joey went by Fat/Phat One, B's Daddy (as in his daughter Briahna), and Seymour (when he was cast in Little Shop of Horrors).
    • Justin's nicknames were Tennman (as in his home state of Tennessee), Stinky (to Britney's Pinky), Me, and Mr. JT.
  • The asterisk in their name allegedly comes from one of their family members seeing a psychic upon their return to the US. The psychic allegedly said that the asterisk would bring them good fortune.

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