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Trivia: Hey Arnold!
  • Actor Allusion: Maurice LaMarche, who primarily voices Bob Pataki, lends his voice to Orson Welles Expy Douglas Cain in "Arnold's Halloween" using his Brain voice, which is itself a parody of Orson's speech pattern. Appropriate, as "Arnold's Halloween" is a Whole Plot Reference to Welles' infamous 1938 radio broadcast of War of the Worlds which caused panic and rioting in parts of the US.
  • Casting Gag: The antagonists in the season 5 episode "New Bully on the Block" are Wolfgang (voiced by Toran Caudell, Arnold in season 1) and Ludwig (voiced by Phillip Van Dyke, Arnold in seasons 2 and 3).
  • The Danza: Arnold's mother, Stella, is voiced by Antoinette Stella.
    • And Vincent, aka the Pigeon Man, is aptly voiced by Vincent Schiavelli.
  • Descended Creator: Steve Viksten, voice of Oskar Kokoshka, also wrote a whopping one third of the show's 187 segments.
  • Executive Meddling: In a rare positive example, the original ending to "Pigeon Man" was to have Vincent plunge himself off of the building, committing suicide, Nick execs didn't like this message of hopelessness and with a little tweaking we got Vincent flying off into the sunset, learning that there are some people who can be trusted.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • Name's the Same: There was a real politician named Pataki serving in New York while this show aired, specifically Governor George Pataki.
  • Technology Marches On: Toward the end of the show's run, beepers — the very foundation of Bob's business empire — were already being supplanted by cellphones.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Eugene was played by four actors. Ben Diskin, his 3rd voice actor, lasted the longest at three seasons.
    • An interesting example with Curly is that they replaced, then reinstated his 2nd voice actor, Adam Wylie, twice.
    • Arnold himself has probably the most extreme example of this trope, with a grand total of six (if you count the original pilot) different voice actors! He stands out even when compared to the other characters, who had at most four (still a high number considering the show's lifespan). They consist of J.D. Daniels (The pilot), Toran Caudell (Season 1 and "What's Opera, Arnold?", Phillip Van Dyke (Seasons 2 and 3) Spencer Klein (Seasons 4, 5 and The Movie), Rusty Flood ("Helga On The Couch" and "Parents Day" as a younger Arnold in both episodes), Alex D. Linz ("The Journal" and "April Fools Day"). Spencer Klein lasted the longest with two seasons and a movie, and is considered a favorite voice actor by many fans.
  • Screwed by the Network:
    • One of the most egregious offenses was holding back "Parents Day" from a U.S. airing for 3 full years.
    • The often pre-empted season 5. According to That Other Wiki, Season 4 was 1999-2000, while Season 5 was 2001-2005. That's right: it took 3 years for one season! Craig Bartlett, the creator of the show, quit because Nickelodeon tried to force him to sign a non-compete agreement, which he rejected since he was also working on a show for Cartoon Network at the time.
    • Everything related to The Movie.
  • Talking To Herself: Whenever Helga talked to Campfire Lass, or Sheena, or Stinky's girlfriend Gloria ("Helga's Boyfriend"), it was Francesca Smith doing both voices.
  • What Could Have Been: Helga was supposed to get her own spin-off set a few years into the future (around the time that Helga would be high school-aged), but the idea was axed because it would have been "too dark" for children's TV (in Nickelodeon's words, they said the spin-off would have been "...too much like Daria note "). Considering the glimpses we got of Helga's miserable home life, rejecting the idea is either a wise decision to keep from traumatizing kids and incurring the wrath of Moral Guardians, or a foolish decision, as the Periphery Demographic of the show would miss out on an adult take on a kids' show that wasn't poorly-made, fan-written trash.
    • The "jungle movie", which would have seen Arnold find his missing parents.
      • It was already partially animated before being cancelled. A clip from the unfinished movie can be seen here.
    • In the first season, there was another tenant named Lana who was originally going to have a crush on Arnold, getting him to do favors for her and regularly making him uncomfortable by sexually harassing him. Nick execs of course found this too disturbing and axed the idea. Since Bartlett couldn't figure out a new direction for the character, Lana vanished after the first season (save for some later cameos in flashbacks or the animators mistakenly placing her into scenes at the boarding house).
    • The Movie itself was supposed to be a TV movie.
    • "Pigeon Man" was originally going to end with the title character jumping off the building. However, Nickelodeon thought that was too depressing. It was probably a good call on Nick's part since that would have made Harold's Kick the Dog moment into a full-on Moral Event Horizon with no comeuppance.
    • The character Lana Vail was supposed to be a pedophile with a crush on Arnold. The Nick execs canned the idea (with good cause)
  • Word of Gay: Mr. Simmons. His voice actor is openly gay.
    • Eugene and Principal Waltz, too.
  • Word of God: All that's canon is that Helga confessed to Arnold in The Movie, and there are plans to go the Jungle to find his parents.
    • Helga's mom is an alcoholic and those "smoothies" she drinks are just a child-friendly substitute for booze as Nickelodeon is, first and foremost, a kids' network and, despite having adult jokes in it for the Periphery Demographic, references to alcohol and alcoholism is best left to the adult shows on Nick at Nite (though there are mixed alcoholic drinks that exist as smoothie-type drinks, like the daiquiri, the hurricane, and the pina colada).
      • The scene where she asks Helga to pass her the Tabasco is especially telling, considering it's a Bloody Mary (or Maria, if Miriam prefers tequila to vodka) ingredient.
    • Arnold's last name? Turns out it's been said many times by Phil: Shortman.
    • The show takes place in the Pacific Northwest, most likely in Washington State.
  • Written By Cast Member: Oskar Kokoshka's voice actor, Steve Viksten, has written a majority of episodes for the show and helped developing it.

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