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Trivia: Fatal Fury
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Jun Hashimoto as Andy Bogard was replaced by Keiichi Nanba post-Special.
    • From Katsuhisa Namase note , Kazuki Yao note , to Masaaki Satake, to the final settlement of Nobuyuki Hiyama as Joe Higashi.
    • Michael Beard was replaced by John Hulaton as Raiden in Wild Ambition.
    • Katsuhisa Namase was replaced by Atsushi Yamanishi as Billy Kane when the Real Bout series began.
    • Kong Kuwata replaced Katsuhisa Namase as Geese in 3.
    • Hashimoto was replaced by Shigefumi Nakai as Cheng Sinzan come Real Bout Special.
    • Katsuhisa Namase was replaced by Hiroyuki Arita as Blood in the Real Bout series.
    • Michael Beard was replaced by B.J. Love as Krauser in Real Bout Special.
    • Sarah Sawatsky voiced Mai Shiranui in the second Fatal Fury TV special, but was replaced by Lisa Ann Beley in The Movie.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Kong Kuwata is the seiyuu of Duck, Richard Meyer, and ... Geese Howard.
    • Jun Hashimoto voices Andy and Chin in 2 and Special.
    • Toshiyuki Morikawa voices both Bob Wilson and Hon Fu. In fact, post Real Bout, Hon adopts some of Bob's normal battle grunts in addition to some of his Funny Bruce Lee Noises.
    • B.J. Love voices both Franco Bash and Krauser, and was the voice of the announcer in 3.
    • Kouji Ishii is Sokaku's seiyuu. Ishii also voices Yamazaki.
    • Tizoc shares a seiyuu (Hikaru Hanada) with Butt.
    • Kevin shares a seiyuu (Yo Kitazawa) with Grant.
    • Satoshi Hashimoto voices both Terry and Kim.
    • Katsuhise Namase voiced Joe, Billy, Geese, and Laurence in 2 and Special.
    • Jun Hashimoto voices Dong Hwan and Kain.
    • Shiho Niiyama voices Kim Myeng Swuk, and also voices young Jae Hoon.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to some sources, the original plan was to include a male ninja in Mai's place. One can only try imagine how different things would have been if that route had been taken back in 1992...
    • Apparently, in Fatal Fury 3, Mai was to be replaced by Alice Chrysler, a female student of Kim. This idea was scrapped, and Alice herself went on to become Alice Garnet Nakata in the Days of Memories Dating Sim series. Both Alices pop up in quite a few cameos.
    • The finale of the second anime special originally would have been Krauser up against not only Terry, but Andy, Joe, and Mai as well. This concept was scrapped, but resurfaced in The Motion Picture.
    • In Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture, it was planned for Ryo to team up with the good guys! Aside, from King and Eiji being replaced by Panni and Hauer (see below), Mr. Big was also to appear.
    • Kevin was originally going to wield a knife to increase his reach, but this was taken out due to balancing issues. Not that it mattered...
    • Lily was originally planned to be Billy's little sister of the same name. However, due to concerns from game developers, this idea was scrapped during production; her name remained as a small tribute.
    • Originally, King was to take Panni's place in the movie, and Eiji Kisaragi was originally in place of Hauer. Given Hauer's quirks, this might have possibly been a chance to poke fun at Eiji's English AOF2 ending, where he proclaims his love for Mai (who, thanks to chronology, would have only been a child at the time).

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