Trivia / Destroy All Humans!

  • Acting for Two:
    • Richard Horvitz, outside of voicing Orthopox, also voices the suburban crazies and The Freak.
    • J. Grant Albrecht, who plays the main role as Crypto, voices the urban crazies, urban males and the G-men. He also voices the thinly-veiled Jack Nicholson parody in Path of the Furon.
    • Paula Tiso voices Mindy Peters, the businesswomen in Bay City, and the suburban females.
  • Actor Allusion: Not confirmed, but it seems like it shouldn't be a coincidence that Richard Steven Horvitz is cast to play the ornery alien invader who is in charge of a mission on Earth. Perhaps to drive the reference home further, concept art shows Crypto's backpack was originally to have four spider-like mechanical legs folded away inside.
  • Franchise Killer: A twin-killing, as Big Willy Unleashed (Wii) and Path of the Furon (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) got hit with mediocre-to-bad review scores. However, Nordic Games (the current owner of the series) has expressed interest in reviving it, beginning by re-releasing the first two games on PlayStation 4.
  • No Export for You: There is a Playstation 3 Version of "Path of the Furon", but it was released for PAL regions only, so no US release.
  • The Other Darrin: Crypto and Poxs' voice actors are replaced by cheap knockoffs in "Big Willy" but returned in "Path of the Furon".
  • What Could Have Been: In 2006, a TV sitcom produced by the producer of King of the Hill and based on this game was planned. It was scrapped soon after to make way for DAH!2. Oh the possibilities...