Awesome / Destroy All Humans!

  • When Pox kills the Master in the third game. The fight with Roboprez and Silhouette in the first game.
  • You usually feel rather satisfied after knocking down an entire city.
  • The Kojira Battle in the second game. The monster marches from the harbor to Takoshima city, and goes on a rampage, destroying buildings to replenish health. And with all the extra space to move, it's one place where the Meteor Gun is not a instant win button.
    • Not only that, but it's one of very few times Crypto is actually frightened by an enemy.
    I don't care about my Ninja groupies! I'm worried about getting my ass stomped!
  • When casually visiting the White Ninjas hideout, you will occasionally find them doing battle with attacking Black Ninjas.
  • The Meteor Gun.
    • That's nothing. In Path of the Furon, you get a pistol that opens up a frikkin black hole, a gun that summons a man-eating plant, and a saucer weapon that creates tornadoes. Epic.
  • The mothership's destruction in the second game.
  • In the second game, after struggling to come up with a reason why the Cosmonauts should turn against the Blisk, Crypto finally comes up with the perfect one: