Trivia / Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

  • Market-Based Title: The Canadian, British, and Australian broadcasts of the show are titled "Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood".
  • Saved from Development Hell: Was in development for six years before finally materializing.
  • What Could Have Been: For "A Storm in the Neighborhood / After the Storm," the idea was floated of the storm taking out a tree where some of the characters lived, but it was decided this would just be too much for the show's target audience of preschoolers. This presumably would have been the tree that's the home of the Owl and Kittycat families, since they're the main characters who live in a tree and in the episode, they sleepover at the Tiger household to take shelter. The idea was retained only in that a tree does go down in the episode, but it's just a random tree in front of the clock factory that nobody lives in and Trolley helps to clear it away.