Fridge / Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Why is the CROWN PRINCE of a Kingdom working as a waiter in a restaurant?!

  • Because he's not the king yet. He looks just old enough to be asking dad for the car keys.
Fridge Brilliance
  • Why is Daniel Striped Tiger a father while Prince Tuesday's a teenager? Because tigers naturally age faster then humans.
Fridge Logic
  • Once an Episode Daniel Tiger, a character from the Land of Make-Believe, asks the viewer to make-believe with him. That's some Inception-level madness.
Fridge Horror
  • The Land of Make Believe and all of the characters that inhabit it were once only in the imagination of Mr. Rogers. Many of the characters are children or extensions of characters that inhabited the original Land of Make Believe. As Fred Roger's died in 2003, and for there to be a timeline that extends past the run of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, we have to assume that Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood takes place within the imagination of a dead man.