Heartwarming / Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

  • You just knew that sensitive, intelligent Daniel Striped Tiger would grow into a good father.
  • Daniel's sweet goodnight song to Baby Margaret.
  • The intro where Daniel is seen singing to the viewer the way Mister Rogers would open his show complete with putting on his shoes and tying them. Years after Fred Roger's death it appears Daniel Tiger himself is now Passing the Torch and following Mister Roger's footsteps when it comes to teaching children and adults about life and other topics.
    • During the 2015 Dunkin Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade. When it showed a giant Daniel Tiger balloon on ABC that broadcasted the parade. The original theme to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood was played instead of the show's theme song. Knowing that the Mister Roger's legacy is still being passed down to the next generation of children is heartwarming itself.
  • In Chrissie's second episode, Daniel off-handedly mentions she needs her legbraces to walk. No more mention is made during the episode — it's there to acknowledge viewers might have missed her introduction episode, but gives it no special emphasis and Daniel treats her like just another friend throughout the episode.
  • Margaret Tiger doting on her big brother and calling him "Dan-Dan."
  • In "Daniel's Very Different Day," Daniel has to deal with a lot of changes. Finally, the story draws to a close...
    Daniel: One thing that stays the same is that you are always my friend. That never changes. Ugga-mugga!
  • The show's real-life effects - there's a growing body of both anecdotal and studied evidence that Daniel is helping children, including those with conditions on the autism spectrum, to try new foods because they might taste good, take turns, and think about how others are feeling.