Funny / Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

  • In "Fruit Picking Day," Prince Wednesday "royally commanding" apples to come off a tree, and then begging them to please come off when his royal commands have no effect.
    • This tends to be a habit of Prince Wednesday, such as when he royally commands the rain to stop. Obviously, it doesn't work.
  • In "Play Pretend," O the Owl rigidly insists that a box that Teacher Harriet is having them play pretend with is a box and nothing more. "That's a box, not a boat. ... I think I'll stay here and read my book about boxes. Just boxes. ... If you look at it like this, it still looks like it's a box." Until, finally, to everyone's delight, he pretends it's a race car.
  • Daniel's "horsey" song is just "neigh" repeatedly.
  • When the kids are playing restaurant and Margaret knocks it over, Daniel improvises by making it a "floor restaurant". Then, Margaret puts a cup on her head and he makes it a "floor restaurant where everything is on your head."
  • In "Prince Wednesday Goes To The Potty", Miss Elaina builds the "smallest tower in the world" with one block. Daniel builds a medium tower and calls it the "mediumest tower in the world."
  • Dad Tiger's joking suggestions in "Daniel Feels Left Out" that Tigey wants to eat Daniel.
    Mom: I think it's time to eat.
    Dad: Okay, I'll get the Daniel. (motions Tigey as if he's eating Daniel and makes playful growly eating noises) I mean, the chicken.
  • Daniel asking "Are We There Yet?" several times in "Tiger Family Trip." Seems he can get just as antsy as any other kid.
  • In "Daniel's Birthday," Dad Tiger tries to get Daniel to see something good about the fact that his cake got smushed by asking him what's good about all birthday cakes.
    Daniel: That they're not smushed?
  • A purely meta-example - at the TCA Awards (Television Critics Association), two producers of the show, Christopher Loggins and Sarah Wallendjack, came to accept the program's youth programming award and were seated at the same table as the producers of Netflix's hit show Making a Murderer, which won for best reality program.
    Wallendjack:note  We usually donít get to sit at the big kids' table. The people from Making a Murderer are all so nice.
  • Another meta-example, this post, "The Daniel Tiger Guide to Surviving Adulthood," which suggests among other things that "When someone blocks you on all social media platforms... "When a friend doesnít want to play with you, you can find something else to do."