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Tear Jerker: Chicken Run
  • After Bunty tells Ginger that the odds of their escaping were a million to one, Ginger replies sturdily, "Then we still have a chance." She manages to keep her composure until leaving the hut, where she breaks down crying. It's a genuinely emotional moment.
  • Ginger seems to be some kind of magnet for tearjerker moments:
    • The aforementioned "bursts into tears" scene.
    • Watching a flock of migrating birds from the roof of her hut.
    • "We've got to get out of here."
    • "I care about what happens to them!"
    • Towards the end, we have this precious little scene; when Rocky leaves the farm, Ginger - the only chicken left who still truly believes escape is possible - finally loses it. Her lifelong dream and her chance at love having been crushed in one fell swoop, she goes into a Heroic BSOD and bitterly tells her friends that "Our only way out of here is wrapped in pastry." The slapstick mudfight immediately following this does not make it better. The cutie has been broken.
  • Rocky's reaction when Ginger is seemingly killed by Mrs. Tweedy can be pretty heart tugging.
  • Edwina's death has an even deeper impact than possibly imagined with the simple exchange of dialogue between two characters.
    Ginger: "(Whispering) Bunty! Why didn't you give her some of yours?!"
    Bunty: "(Whispering) I would have! She didn't tell me! She didn't tell anyone!"
    • This simple exchange of dialogue reveals every subtle detail we need to know about this scene. Number 1) That morning, Edwina KNEW she was going to die. Number 2) It's clearly stated that if she had told the others, any of them would've most likely been more than happy to give her an egg, allowing her to survive. Number 3) She willingly refused to inform anyone. With those factors in mind, one conclusion is drawn: Edwina was so miserable in the chicken pen that she purposely allowed herself to be chosen as a means of freedom through suicide. Go watch that scene again and wonder if the expression on Edwina's face is fear... or anticipation? *thunk*
  • Rocky, witnessing all the moping around, spies Babs knitting a noose.
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