Heartwarming: Chicken Run

  • Any time Rocky calls Ginger by her name. Actually, make that any time Ginger and Rocky call each other by their names.
  • The little exchange at the end:
    Rocky: So is it as good as you imagined?
    Ginger: No...(hugs him) it's better!
  • When Fowler states he never flew planes, he was a mascot:
    Ginger: Fowler, you have to fly it. You always talk about "back in your day." Well, today is your day.
    Bunty: You can do it, you old sausage.
    Fowler: (beat, then salutes) Wing Commander T.l.Fowler, reporting for duty.
  • "...And this is for coming back."
  • Ginger holding Babs' hand when it looks like (and it is) that Mrs. Tweedy is going to stop in front of her.