Heartwarming / Chicken Run

  • During an early conversation between the two, Ginger tells Rocky that it's easy to get one chicken or two out but the problem is getting all of them out. This means that Ginger could have escaped from the farm long ago but chose not to because she refused to leave any hen behind.
  • Any time Rocky calls Ginger by her name. Actually, make that any time Ginger and Rocky call each other by their names.
  • The little exchange at the end:
    Rocky: So is it as good as you imagined?
    Ginger: No...(hugs him) it's better!
  • When Fowler states he never flew planes, he was a mascot:
    Ginger: Fowler, you have to fly it. You always talk about "back in your day." Well, today is your day.
    Bunty: You can do it, you old sausage.
    Fowler: (beat, then salutes) Wing Commander T.l.Fowler, reporting for duty.
    • It should be worth noting that Bunty, the perpetual nay-sayer, is the one to encourage Fowler to step up to the task.
  • "...And this is for coming back."
  • Ginger holding Babs' hand when it looks like Mrs. Tweedy is going to take her to the chop.
  • Before boarding the crate, Ginger pats Mac on the back and gives her a thumbs-up.
  • When Rocky and Ginger grab the Christmas lights to get to the crate, they do it while Holding Hands.
  • Rocky cheering up the hens with dancing after they heard the news that they were all going to be slaughtered. It was the least he could do, and Ginger compliments him on it.
  • Rocky's return. Doubles as Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • During the climax, Nick and Fletcher can be seen using Mac's catapault model to hurl the eggs they'd desired so badly at Mrs. Tweedy, though they do it while crying.
  • After Mrs Tweedy is defeated, the hugs and kisses the characters share are most definitely this. Rocky hugs Ginger, Mac kisses Fowler, Babs and Bunty hug, Nick and Fetcher hug. Finally, Ginger grabs Rocky. Cue Big Damn Kiss. As the others go: "Awww..."
    • The ending's imagery is worth noting as a CMOH. After spending the whole film with bleak, grey skies and brown, dirty grounds, the ending's imagery is filled with blue skies and green pastures, truly signifying the chickens' newfound freedom.