Awesome: Chicken Run


  • Ginger convincing Fowler to rise above his mascot status in the RAF and fly the plane.
    Ginger: You're always talking about back in your day. Well, today is your day!
    Fowler:(after a moment of thought) Wing Commander T.I Fowler, Reporting for duty!
  • The Indy Escape that finishes the pie machine sequence, complete with Ginger and Rocky using a loose wire to swing across a chasm of spinning, malfunctioning blades, all while the machine threatens to explode at any second.
  • This moment, the end result of a long line of similar incidents earlier in the movie (where she just took it):
    (The chickens' plane-building has just been discovered by Mr. Tweedy.)
    Mac: (stage whisper) What's the plan?
    (Mr. Tweedy stares down Ginger.)
    Ginger: ATTACK!. (Cue Oh, Crap from Mr. Tweedy)
    Bunty: (as Ginger is doing just that) "Nice plan!"
    Everyone else gets Let's Get Dangerous looks as they drop their tools. Cue CurbStompBattle.
  • "I told you they was organized!"
  • "GIIINGEEEERRR!" Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Ginger speaking to Mrs. Tweedy as she drops her off the plane; "Bye-bye." And so begins the bitch's Humiliation Conga...
    • And right before that, how Ginger defeats Mrs. Tweedy. She's trying to cut the line Tweedy's clinging to with safety scissors, dodging axe swings all the while. Rocky's throwing everything he can find at the psycho to try and give Ginger time, but nothing's working. So what does Ginger do? Duck. Mrs. Tweedy herself ends up cutting the line, barely missing beheading Ginger, who then manages to hold a string of christmas lights carrying a full grown human just long enough to drop her one liner. That took guts.


  • While the movie failed to gain a Best Picture nomination, the amount of support it got convinced the Academy to introduce the Best Animated Feature category.
  • Awesome Music: Following their triumph with the Antz score, John Powell and Harry Gregson-Williams made this score, possibly the best score to ever feature a kazoo. Main Titles and Building the Crate stand out.