Fridge: Chicken Run

Fridge Horror
  • In the scene where it's discovered Edwina hasn't laid any eggs, Ginger whispers to Bunty, "Why didn't you give her some of yours?" Bunty replies, "I would have, but she didn't tell me. She didn't tell anybody." Since going a week without laying eggs lands a chicken on the chopping block at the Tweedy's farm, which has already been established as a pretty rotten place to be, Edwina effectively committed suicide.
    • Either that, or she became essentially a martyr. Seeing an usually productive hen such as Bunty lay less eggs than usual could have been taken as a sign that she wouldn't have been worth keeping within some weeks. And that could be said of any other chicken. Edwina simply preferred to accept her fate rather than risk having someone else be unjustly killed because of her.
    • Or, as is my guess, Edwina was really stupid. Lets face it, most of these Chickens aren't exactly the brightest bulbs in a pack of light bulbs. These Chickens spend all of their time thinking of escaping, and Egg laying seems to be a secondary thing to them, especially Ginger. Many of them, even the smarter ones, also seem to lack common sense. Edwina could have easily forgotten to ask out of her devotion to the escape, not because she was suicidal or trying to be inspirational... - Dingo Walley
    • Later, we get treated to a scene inside of the Tweedys' house. There, we get to see a roasted chicken which has been picked clean. Make of that what you will...
  • The main page doesn't omit the fact that Tweedy's Farm is a Crapsack World. Real chickens in factory farming have it much, much worse. At least these chickens can go outside.
  • What might have happened if the plane never got the Christmas lights hooked on, and Rocky and Ginger had nothing to pull themselves back onto the plane?
    • Wait a sec, wouldn't that door kill Mrs. Tweedy?!
      • Probably not, since she managed to survive the machine explosion.
    • What would have happened to Babs if the Tweedys hadn't switched to pie production over egg farming?

Fridge Logic
  • Naturally, an egg will only hatch a chick if the mother hen bred with a rooster. Which means that all the chicks we see at the end would be either all Ginger and Rocky's offspring, or the guy ... ensured everyone's eggs would give them one. Although it probably plays by the fictional rule that an egg always hatches if it doesn't end up as food.
    • Well, Fowler might also have *ahem* contributed, though there's no indication that he's considered a Silver Fox by any of the hens.
    • Fowler had quite a few other chickens dancing with him in the earlier scene.
  • Let's talk directionality here. In the movie's climax, Mrs. Tweedy falls through the hole in the shed's front, landing in her own pie machine. However, the plane took off in the opposite direction of the house and shed, and there was no indication that Fowler turned around while in the air. Rule of Cool is likely in effect here, but still, kinda weird how Mrs. Tweedy fell into a house that was in the complete opposite direction of their flight path.