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Characters: Chicken Run


Voiced By: Julia Sawalha

The unofficial leader of the chickens, who is determined to escape and free her fellow chickens.

Rocky Rhodes

Voiced By: Mel Gibson

An American rooster on the run from the circus.

  • Dark and Troubled Past: Heavily implied given him begging for Ginger to hide him from the circus and stated that he's never going back.

Mrs. Melisha Tweedy

Voiced By: Miranda Richardson

The cruel owner and 'warden' of the chicken farm.

Mr. Willard Tweedy

Voiced By: Tony Haygarth

The long-suffering husband of Mrs Tweedy who is convinced (and correct) that the chickens are organised.


Voiced By: Benjamin Whitrow

A grumpy old cockerel.

  • Cool Old Guy: He earns that status by story's end. In the beginning, he's a pompous windbag who doesn't inspire much confidence in the other chickens. When he gives them the idea to build a plane, he seems to earn everyone's respect... until he's outed as a Phony Veteran. When he stands up flies the plane to freedom, he earns their respect for real, as shown by the chicks listening to his stories of the escape with genuine intent.
  • Fake Ultimate Hero: While he never outright said he was a wartime hero, his ramblings gave off that impression. When he finally admits he was just the mascot, he insists that it should have been obvious, since no one would employ chickens as pilots.

Nick & Fletcher

Voiced By: Timothy Spall & Phil Daniels

A pair of enterprising rats who supply the chickens with equipment.


Voiced By: Jane Horrocks

A dim-witted chicken constantly seen knitting.


Voiced By: Imelda Staunton

A fat, cynical chicken who doubts Ginger's plans.


Voiced By: Lynn Ferguson

An intelligent, Scottish chicken and Ginger's right hand.

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