Heartwarming / Chicken Little

  • Mr. Woolensworth reprimanding Foxy Loxy when she brings up Abby's nickname in the middle of class.
  • Chicken Little and Abby's kiss and Abby's reaction to it.
    Chicken Little: By the way I'd like you to know that I've always found you extremely attractive! (kisses Abby, who foot pops)
  • Buck (after Chicken Little scores the winning homerun): "That's my boy!"
  • Abby telling Chicken Little he's not a loser and then rattling off how smart, funny, and cute he is.
  • Chicken Little finally connecting with his dad during the climax. Those who said that the film didn't have any heart obviously weren't paying attention.
    • Even earlier, despite his obvious alarm at the Alien Invasion in progress around them, Buck makes every effort to chase down his son and take him with him during his escape.
  • While Buck's behavior during the first part of the film was definitely not good fathering behaviornote , he does spend the last part of the film doing everything possible to make it up to him, from the father-son heart-to-heart in the movie theatre, to finally admitting he believes in him (and more specifically, his solution to the problem), to going full-on Papa Wolf on the invading aliens and pushing Chicken Little behind him when they're confronted by the alien father.